Hive Highlight 2021 | Family

Season's greetings!


It's been an amazing year so far, His grace keeps me going. A lot of challenges came uninvited and really brought me to a low physically and emotionally. Despite the odds, there's a lot to be thankful about.

This is my entry for Guiltypartie's Hive Highlight challenge which required reflecting back on 2021, considering one's accomplishment(s) and naming one highlight of the year. It's been really long I got to write on my blog, so pardon me if my write-up looks noobish, I still have a lot on my plates.


The year 2021 had/s so much to deal with after 2020 shook/shock the world. A great deal of undos, redos and fresh starts could be noticed everywhere. For me, the year started with a lot of wishes and wants to accomplish. Some of these came into fruition, a few looked so promising and failed at the end (not anyone's fault) and others are going to be piggybacked along to the coming year.


As humans, we can survive as much as we face, so far the end can be seen. Quite a number of events stood out this year, and talking about them would be a helluva post. So, I'd mention just one as the challenge stated.

Connections With A Supportive Family

Something I have learnt over the year is that the people who surround you tells who you are. My journey through 2021 as an individual would have been a sad one if not for those who stood as supporting pillars. The love of family and friends is much more important than material wealth.


Hive has been a port that provided some important connections for me, and that alone is enough as an highlight for the year.

Thanks for reading through


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Family is everything and when you get good friends too, it becomes so wonderful, a shoulder we can lean on especially in distress.
I wish you a glorious new year.

Thanks for the wishes.
I pray more blessings for you as well.

It's amazing how Hive turns out to be an highlights for you @mcyusuf. Hive is a highlight for a lot of us in the year that just ended and we are optimistic that Hive will be more in the present year, and the coming ones.

I hope that you find more time to create blogs too. I would loved to hear more of your voice in between text than just my wallet alone.... Hehehehe 😂😂

@mcyusuf I am pulling your legs as usual 😁. I hope you are well?

smile. i'm good as usual.
thanks for pulling those legs of mine. been finding a way to stretch them. lol

Hehehehe.... You are welcome. Glad to know you are good ❤️

Family means alot and the support we get from them is undisputable.

I'm also glad that I have a family in real life and I also have a virtual Community that sees me as a family. Hehe.

Well Done Boss

Thanks, Big Boss!
Good to have you around as someone in the family as well. 🙂
I hope the virtual gets some reality to itself next year.

hehehehe i love you

i hope your eyes are feeling better now?

and you had some rest???

This is a beautiful post - you format SO nicely! you always make them a visual feast :)

Thanks a lot.

My eyes feels a lot better, back to white screens again. 😂 Hopefully they won't find it being too early and decide to breakdown once more. I've promised to take care of them. 😉

Of course! The festive season did come with 2 days of rest, though same as weekends. 🙂

Formatting! I'm still learning the ropes from you as much as I can.

me???? no!
you are an amazing formatter
i was actually thinking of something new for you for 2022 hahahahahahahahahaha

and yes - please take care of those eyes!! we need them hehehehe

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Knock Knock... Mr DrEEmer 😂

Get ready to start dropping juicy posts on the chain. I know that you have a million things to do off chain, but throw in something here for our viewing pleasure 😂

the boss himself. 🙌😎
pleasurable views loading... 0.1% lol


0.1% lol

Really? 😂

That will be coming with the speed of light, I guess.

I hope this year is going well??? Anyway, happy 2022 my friend 🎆

A blessed 2022 it is already. Thanks for the comment. 😊

Hey, @mcyusuf, I am here again to plead with you to publish more ..... Lol. .... I hope one of these days you will heed my cries 😭🥺

Happy Easter to you darling. How is the dreemport challenge compilation going? ☺️

Happy Easter to you as well.
DreemPort activity going on smoothly.
Your cries would be heed sooner. I just need to put my mind at ease.
Thanks so much for reaching out.

I am glad to hear that the activities are progressing smoothly in dreemport.

Oh my, I can't wait for the day your mind will be put at ease so you can start writing again ❤️😍

You are welcome darling. Have a wonderful new week. 🥰🥰

I'm glad you had that journey, and pray you will return here happy and safe very soon.