Community Challenge: Name Your 2021 Hive Highlight!

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As 2022 is approaching it's a good time to reflect back on 2021 and consider what has been accomplished by all of us, both cumulatively in our Hive ecosystem and individually as Hive community members. To celebrate the achievements and moments worth celebrating in a year that's not without it's difficulties, I propose a challenge.

The challenge works like this:

  1. Write a blog post about your one main 2021 Hive Highlight
  2. Tag it with #hivehighlight
  3. Link your post in the comments below

There is no monetary prize for this challenge but ... a curated selection of highlights (or even all of them, depending on the number of submissions received) will end up being featured in the @hiveio's list of Hive Highlights 2021!

You may write about a contribution, a great day, an achievement, a new friend you met, your favorite purchase, an awesome trade, or anything else that's been a highlight in your year as long as it's Hive related.

Submissions are due a week from now, December 27th.

Good luck but before you start ...

Some ground rules:

  • Your Hive Highlight must be somehow Hive related
  • Your highlight should be positive in nature
  • Everyone can participate once
  • Posts can be in any language
  • Link back to this post from your post so others know to participate
  • Posts should be safe for all ages
  • Keep in mind that the writers of @hiveio will have to paraphrase your highlight, make it clear

My Hive Highlight

Out of all the significant milestones that were reached, the one highlight that comes to mind right away is the day that the Hiveblocks Twitter account finally reached 30k followers. It's a personal goal I set months prior but as the days went on and after our ads long ended I started to give up on it, despite our partnerships and collaborations. Then we had the pump happen (which I believe is the result of traders finally acknowledging Hive as a stable investment) and our Twitter numbers began to move.


Then on December 8th, at 2:35 AM we hit that mark. I was watching that countdown. It hung at 29,998 for a long time. And then it finally happened. Every small milestone like that adds up and in the new year I'm hoping to re-submit for the blue checkmark and get it for Hive. That would probably be the next year's highlight for me if that happens.

Hive is all about working on something greater than ourselves and developing ourselves while we develop the ecosystem. I didn't know my way around Twitter all that well before Hive and my experience with it was predominantly getting banned after a while. It's an interesting skill. Not a major one but the opportunity for continuous learning is one 'side effect' of investing in decentralization.

In my humble opinion, it's no longer what skills are important in our narrow immediate surroundings but what's important in the whole world. Communication is important. Technology and social media, even if the tools we must use for now are centralized, are important. By understanding them and what there is already we can look beyond and envision that which doesn't yet exist. And, in time, maybe as someone's highlight in subsequent years, we can build it.

Anyways, not trying to distract you. Good luck to everyone.

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Quite the achievement! Awareness is a major key. Will pop back with my highlight soon :)

Here ya go my man.

This was awesome I had a great time making up my post, I have been overwhelmed by this place and all the awesome people here.

Here is my submission:

Hello everyone please check out my entry to this community challenge.

Thank you.

Thank you. This is my highlight for 2021. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Been here for a couple of months now, not so much of a newbie.
I'm motivated ...

And that is my highlight post. Please do check it out.

heheheh this is awesome... I know how that last little bit feels soooooo long! and then - boom it happens (and then usually it just RUSHES over into the next era!) hahaha

and you think - why did it stall at 29,998.... and then I get 50 more follows after 30k? not saying that's what happened. lol just saying it usually does just spill over and then continue! LOL until the next milestone! then you wait and wait and wait at that last number again hehehehe

Anyway congrats on that! You work so hard for all of us, and I love you dearly!!!! Thank you for always putting your best self forward!!!

here is my entry :)
Gotta be this highlight for Hive in 2021 for me!

Thanks for this challenge @guiltyparties ❤️

Ahí va la mía:

Gracias y Felices fiestas :)

Here's a link to my 2021 Hive Highlight, cheers.

Finding Theterminal on Hive! 2021 Hive Highlight!

hahaha. I look below can't see if my entry push through... doing this again (I think) just to be sure...

sorry for the disturbance!

here is my entry hope you guys enjoy!

I totally forgot to share my post entry here.
Here is the entry

I had fun writing.

My entery to the contest : My 2021 hivehighlight

here is my highlight, I did it just as I said I would
many thanks to dreemsteem, I have mentioned her a couple of times today, so I wanna thank her without her seeing it hahaha

Well , this is wonderful @guiltyparties . It is something that makes me happy. I had a go at it and here is it. My 2021 Hive Highlight

Okay... I'm ALMOST a year old on Hive and I have a bunch of highlights within 2021. Hehe

THIS HIGHLIGHT wins it for me.

Nothing beats the mixed emotions I felt throughout that period.

Happy reading ✌️

Here is my post!
Hive has been a learning experience for sure.

It's good to be here on Christmas day. 2021 has been a great year having discovered the hive blockchain in April is one of the best things that happened to me during the year.
My highlight during the year on hive is a wide range of occurrences. This would make a good read,I promise.

Here is my entry @guiltyparties

Thanks for this great opportunity. Here is my entry..

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