Earlier today I was having a back-and-forth with someone about several things. At the end of the discussion, I concluded that many people believe narratives blindly mainly because these ideas or beliefs precede them and are adhered to by other people.

I had brief flashbacks to the 2014 sci-fi movie Divergent, where the lead character, Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) was an anomaly in a city where most people were conditioned to think and act in a certain way questioning nothing. This mirrors the world we live in today where most people act like NPCs (non-playable characters) in video games. Many people are unwilling to think for themselves. They outsource this very crucial part of their lives to people/institutions/governments who do not prioritize their interests, while anyone who goes against the norm is seen as a threat.

I have noticed that my very contrarian lifestyle upsets a lot of people around me, mainly because I do not value the things they do. One thing I have refused to do is adhere to traditions and customs that do not align with my reality. I do not see reasons why I should uphold belief systems that complicate my life.

For instance, I am getting married in a couple of weeks and there are a bunch of things that are being forced down my throats. These are things everyone else but myself thinks should be done but add no value to my life or that of my partner. No one has given me any meaningful explanation as to why I should do these things. I keep getting the same bogus answer: this is how things are done.

But why?

No one seems to know why I should do the things they are compiling me to do. Giving reasons why something is acceptable or even practised is such a difficult task. Most people don't want to think that far because the truth scatters everything they hold dear but that's okay. We don't have to continue in the cycle of lies and self-sabotage to uphold archaic ideas that do not have any bearing in today’s world.

Let's break down the supposed old walls and build new systems that align with our reality. It is only fair that our belief systems improve the quality of our lives, rather than imprison us. Rules are man-made. They can be reviewed and changed over time. Society is ever-changing and the laws governing people should change with time.

I have also come to realize that laws aren't always morally right and can be skewed to impose the will of few on the populace. Do we ever question why a few people have to determine how the rest of us live, especially in instances where these said persons are clueless? Why?

I do not believe anyone should have unchecked power based on their political or social standing. I believe everyone has a right to participate in governance and should opt out of systems that do not favour them. Hence I do believe in patriotism. There is no value in being loyal to a state which is often symbolic for the political elites when it does not exist or function in one’s favour. It makes no sense.

Although the ideas proposed today might be deemed individualistic which is a contrast to my rhetorics of community building. However, I believe communities can only function when people work together in shaping the laws and policies for their involvement and interaction with other community members. These customs or traditions should be constantly reviewed by new and old members. This is the only way to ensure that the social contract binding everyone involved is pragmatic and fair to everyone involved.

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Que talking about about religión?

Because around me that rules "everything" .... 🙄

And no, i'm won't be part of that system