I Dream Of Olives! ( Yes I Know, Another Olive Post)

Well I've just finished my 3rd week of harvesting Olives and I'm all set to do it again this coming week. I feel super fit as well and my energy levels, have definitely been rising. It's just been so good, being so active. My body and mind feel great and I'm sleeping so much better as well.


I've probably got another 2 weeks, 3 tops, of harvesting, before the season stops and I'm now thinking what I can do, to maintain this level of activity. Of getting up early each morning and walking for a bit, so I can hitch a lift to work. I've already slotted in a work exchange with a friend. I'll help her tile her bathroom and she'll come help me, build my outdoor bath area.

There is an outdoor shower already on the land, but you only get got water when he sun is out as the pipes are above ground. So I want to get my bath sorted, for the cooker weather. There is nothing quite like sitting in a hot bath under the stars. It's quite the luxury actually. One that I have gotten a bit used too. So far the bath is sitting upside down, and I use it to sit on, when I want to enjoy the view of the mountains at the front of the truck.


I'm really hoping I can score some gardening work for the new year, that will see me continuing to work outdoors and keep myself fit. I'm not a gym sort of person, I much prefer to do physical work, that has me lifting, bending, twisting and hopefully climbing. To be honest I think it's the tree climbing that is keeping me the most fit.

Pulling myself up into the trees and positioning my legs on different branches so that I can reach all the olives. It just feels so good, using my body in that way.

So yes, I have found myself dreaming of olives. I'm sure I'm probably picking them in my sleep, I really wouldn't be surprised, if one of my girls caught me sleep picking one night.


I just want to get as much done as I can, so that I have an abundance of Olive oil. It's the new liquid Gold or Green, depending on the variety and age of the olives.

But honestly, this must be my 4th post about Olives. But it's a huge part of my life right now and luckily one that I am still enjoying. The first time I ever harvested olives, they were from huge old Olive trees. The work was full on, as the branches were really high off the ground and as a result my neck and arms would be killing me at the end of each day, as I found myself on my tippy toes trying to reach the olives.


But this year, the trees are smaller and much easier to work with. Easier and safer to climb as well. So really ot was a blessing to begin working with such bigger trees, because everything since that has been a lot easier. Sometimes setting the bar high at the begining, really is the best thing to do. Because then you really do feel like you can do anything.

All photos are my own, taken by my Samsung phone.




Is this paid work? I remember grape picking and it sends you doolalley after a while. You definitley start dreaming about it.

I get paid in oil. Around a litre per hour. I prefer that really. Xxx

If not for distance, I would have loved to help out in my own little way as I love physical activities too.

Thanks @javalord, it is good work xx

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