Balancing Freeos and Snipverse revenue [EN-FR]

On the one hand, Freeos develops a fair income for everyone, on the other Snipverse offers members of its community to capitalize their registration fees. Capitalizing registration fees is a great idea to boost memberships, but it is extremely inequitable since someone who capitalizes 100 million Snips will earn ten million Snips each year while someone who can only capitalize 100,000 Snips will only earn than 10,000 briefs per year. Inequalities increase over the years.

Even worse, the XPR/SNIPS farm offers 97% interest (to date), which extremely favors the wealthiest people. Is there a way to balance Snipverse inequality for Freeos members? probably, but the richest people would have to agree to redistribute part of their interests more fairly to the Freeos community.

For example, if I earn a million interest in snips, I can voluntarily donate a certain % of it to a common community account. This account will then in turn begin to produce interest in order to redistribute it fairly to the beneficiaries of the freeos basic income.

And you, if you earn 90% interest on an investment, how much are you willing to give back to the community?

Suppose a certain number of members are ready to fund this common account. The problem then arises of a fair redistribution of this common good. We can consider that only the interests produced by this capital are redistributed, which would allow a redistribution each year to new members of Freeos for example.

If you have a solution to propose for this problem of inequity, do not hesitate to let us know.



Équilibrer les revenus de Freeos et de Snipverse

D'un côté, Freeos développe un revenu équitable pour tout le monde, de l'autre Snipverse propose aux membres de sa communauté de capitaliser leur frais d'inscription. Capitaliser les frais d'inscription est une excellente idée pour stimuler les adhésions, mais c'est extrêmement inéquitable puisque une personne capitalisant 100 millions de Snips gagnera chaque année dix millions de Snips alors qu'une personne ne pouvant capitaliser que 100 000 Snips ne gagnera que 10 000 slips par an. Les inégalités s'accroissent au fil des ans.

Encore pire, la ferme XPR/SNIPS propose 97 % d'intérêts (à ce jour), ce qui favorise extrêmement les personnes les plus riches. Y a-t-il un moyen d'équilibrer les inégalités de Snipverse pour les membres de Freeos? probablement, mais il faudrait que les personnes les plus riches acceptent de redistribuer une partie de leurs intérêts de manière plus équitable à la communauté Freeos.

Par exemple, si je gagne un million d'intérêt en snips, je peux sur la base du volontariat en reverser un certain % sur un compte commun de la communauté. Ce compte se mettra alors à son tour à produire des intérêts pour les redistribuer équitablement aux bénéficiaires du revenu de base freeos.

Et vous, si vous gagnez 90 % d'intérêts sur un placement, combien êtes-vous prêt à en reverser à la communauté?

Supposons qu'un certain nombre de membres soient prêts à alimenter ce compte commun. Se pose alors le problème d'une redistribution équitable de ce bien commun. On peut envisager que seuls les intérêts produits par ce capital soient redistribués, ce qui permettrait une redistribution chaque année au nouveaux membres de Freeos par exemple.

Si vous avez une solution à proposer pour ce problème d'iniquité, n'hésitez pas à nous en faire part.


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the staking "inequalities" are a nad point when its this early

you Need to reward early users

why should wveryone get equal pay? this isnt UBI feom some socialist government this is a private business nor trying to be fair and equitable to wveryone on the pmanet

its only fair to reward early investors

this is an exclusive private membership based eqrnings club

its got real profit rationak self interest potential

im gonna buy another 100M snips and im sharing my staking rewarfs and 95% apr darming rewards with eveeyone i see on the platform with the most going to hiveblog users where i even give 100,000 anips 3 days worth of my staking rewarda ro any new hive user who signs uo to syake

so people like me will prove our system works better when u simply have the right people in power who are generous

freeos doesnt even Have a platform yet do they?

its just a token. they dont even have a real dao like hive and telos have do they?

on snipverse i even have a hiveblog group setup already!

oh and whats wrong with 10% apr? golos pays 15% i rhink on golospower hivepower pays what 3 to 5 % ? you get 10% exactly from dlease

so wait whats the issue? hivepower also pays 10% or more ... hbd pays 20% apr ..

snips stake and hivepower both pay 10% apr so whats the problem?

oh your saying freeos is better but how? where is the working freeos dapp? i dont see it or any screenshots i see no dao

Have a look at
download the app, it is working very well and voting is working.
The freeos dao is in beta
I don't say freeos is better, and I did not say that 10 % APR is bad. You know what the problem is: 40 people owning 50 % of the wealth of the planet and inequalities are increasing. I said that staking membership fees is an excellent idea. I only try to improve the system by proposing a better redistribution. Why do you need investors to make all your great ideas come true? It would be much better if you could only need redistribution from happy users.