What is Value 4 Value v4vapp and Podcasting 2.0?

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Value 4 Value and Podcasting 2.0

Support Proposal 201 on PeakD
Support Proposal 201 with Hivesigner

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Support Proposal 201 on PeakD
Support Proposal 201 with Hivesigner

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This collection will be very helpful as this thing grows 👍

Vary nice brian! thanks for all of your hard work!

💪🏻 Great project. Thanks for you dedicated work, to bring podcasting to the next Level.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

I tried to transfer 40000 Sats with the new v4v lnd bridge, but the Sats did not arrive in my wallet (Wallet of Satoshi), can you pleaese take a look into it?


OK absolutely I didn't pay your invoice when I thought I had automatically and I can see why.

I have just now manually re-sent the transaction and it took over 1m to complete and my code didn't allow enough time for that! You will see the sats in your Wallet of Satoshi now.

I thought I'd squashed this particular issue when I set a timeout at 30s but it's clear to me I need to set a much longer timeout.

Thank you for using the system as that's the only way I find this kind of thing out.

Thx, oh cool now it worked :) strange that it took so long, maybe a longer timeout could fix it, great bridge and idea btw.

Lightning is a very strange system. I've now fixed my automated timeout to be much longer and I'll probably send myself 40,000 sats to test it now :-)

Just sent myself 40,000 sats on Wallet of Satoshi. This time it took 12s. Of course 😂.

Also it cost 50sats for this transaction and your one. I realize now I probably would have rejected it but when I paid your invoice manually I didn't set a few limit. I've now upped the fee limit.

This was a helpful test.

Absolutely. I see the transaction but I'm out, as soon as I can I'll examine the logs.

However it does look like everything worked but I can investigate more soon.