LaZybug's MSP-Curation of Thursday | Travel & Gaming | Week #041

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LaZybug's MSP-Curation of Thursday | Travel & Gaming.

Welcome to my blog where I'll share and talk about my travel & gaming curation compilation for MSP-Curation.

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This is my 41st curation compilation post for MSP-Curation that I'll keep writing every Thursday after I'll curate 5 posts related to travel &/or gaming. I'll mainly focus on curating travel &/or gaming-related quality content for this curation project where some more curators are actively curating on other subjects.

The Minnow Support Project is primarily a resource for new or small Hive accounts, but PALnet is for EVERYONE! It is to help promote undervalued posts on the blockchain and reward the god job done by minnows has a team of curators that do manual curation every day of the week on different categories.
All of the posts curated will be voted on by the @msp-curation account, and it will also receive a follow vote from the main MSP account @MinnowSupport. (as well as an awesome trail of people) . Source

Let's see what I chose to feature this week | Week #041


Lets Play RDR2: Outlaws from the West. by @izuki.midoriya


AC Black Flag | Murder and Mayhem. by @noomer

Financial Shock of Marvel's Spiderman. by @rashed.ifte


Trip to Cox's Bazar and Moheshkhali. by @e-mc2

Monkey island in Can Gio district, Ho Chi Minh city. by @tuocchu

If you enjoyed any of these curated posts then I request you give them some love with an upvote, a resteem, or just leave them a comment! And you may do the same with this report post and follow me for future updates.

Here I'm at the end of this post and will come again with another curation compilation the next Thursday. I'll keep focusing on mainly travel and gaming (crypto-game, video games, real-life games, etc) related quality content.

Photos of the thumbnail are collected from bitmoji and palnet

** The End **

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"


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nice curation

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Thanks for the support, bro. And nice selections, I'm going to check them out.

It's my pleasure.
Thanks for the compliment and for checking them out.

Keep up the great work. Your curation helps me discover great content.

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