Solo’s weekly picks: Beautiful skies

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The way the sun casts light on us during certain times of the day can produce quite amazing effects. Depending on the current weather, time of day and even during certain calendar dates can really change how the sky looks. This week I found some good posts by minnows and plankton showing off some sky posts they captured.

Here are five Hive plankton and minnows showing off their beautiful skies:

Hidden emerald lakes in the woods, Italy by @thefootprint

When I walk around lakes, the sky captured on the water can have quite the amazing look. In this post that is exactly what caught my attention. Looks like some great mountain hiking and loving the pictures.

My Entry To The 'Love The Clouds' Contest! #149 by @luisfe

Upon waking up, this Hive user enjoyed quite the view overhead. Making some a good start to the day. I loved how the power lines crossed through the image, gives it a special aesthetic.

A photo full of hope [ENG] / Una foto llena de esperanza [ESP] by @duvinca

In this picture we can see a sunrise on the beach, I love how the light is casting through the clouds at the top. And how some of the color of the sky is being reflected on the water.

Where Can You See The Sunrise and Sunset From The Same Spot? By @jloberiza

In the Seafood Capital of the Philippines, beaches and sunsets are captured with some great moments. People walking along the beach and the different clouds on the horizon gives the place a special look.

A peaceful weekend morning by the sea by @dodovietnam

Getting up early they ride their motorcycles up to see the East sea from a mountain pass. The colors are amazing, the yellows and oranges seen have an amazing effect to them. Along with the clouds and water out in the distance.

Loved seeing all of the great skies out there, I hope to add some in the future too. Where I live at the moment it is mostly wooded so getting the sky is quite hard, but that will soon change and I hope to capture some amazing skies myself and share them with the Hive community.

Thats my five picks for this week, come back next week to see Solo's next weekly picks. I curate posts every Tuesday and do this through MSP. Thanks so much to the Minnow Support Group for giving me the opportunity to serve as a curator!


Sky on the lake is fantastic.The sky of other sun set are cool. They are worth seeing.❤️❤️

It sure is.. I loved that lake post

I've always liked the way the light diffuses between the clouds. It looks very aesthetic. The harmony between dark and light at sunsets is also magnificent. Great choices.

Yeah I know what you mean.. the rays coming through clouds is quite amazing.

Lovely shots! Sunsets and sunrises on mountains is always my favorite 😍

Ah nice.. glad you liked them

Thank you @solominer I'm glad you really like the photo of the sunrise!!! Very honored 🙏❤️

You are very welcome

It is incredible what only the heavens can offer us, to us who are so insignificant in comparison.

Wonderful clouds and reflections in great bodies of water, incredible sunsets, sunsets and sunrises. It is a great privilege not only to be able to witness them but also to realize the great blessing that we all have within our reach, just by looking out the window, the balcony, the door or being ready for these incredible details as we go through life. .

Excellent selection of photographs. Very good work 😎😉📸

Thank you.. they were some great posts.

1st pic color is so cool that it seems unreal

sorry about the delay, yeah the reflection off the lake really made for a great shot.

@solominer thanks for this huge update. Gracias... Greetings.

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