Rainy Or Dry Seasons?

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Hello everyone, it's my first time in this community.

I stumbled on this question and would love to attempt it.

2️⃣If you could choose a season that you would want to remain forever, between the rainy and dry seasons, which would it be and why?

Well, I believe each season is important let me start with the dry seasons.

It provides sunlight for the crops which aids their growth, while I was in school I was taught photosynthesis which means that plants or organism needs sunlight to thrive.

The sun also provides us with warmth and brightness, the sunlight aids our clothes to dry on time and creates a beautiful atmosphere for activities, no one can take pictures under the rain or farm during the rainy season.

The sunlight dries up the water on the ground which was caused by rain and makes the road dry to walk upon.

As for the heat? We all can find a way around it either by using a hand fan or air conditioner and God is so kind to provide us the breeze we need for sustenance.

The dry season has it's outfit which is quite okay, wearing light clothes for comfort.

The rainy season on the other hand is good too, without water the crops wither from excess heat and sunlight, so it provides balance for everything.


The rain calms the atmosphere aids us to sleep well and aids crops to grow well as they need water too.

The disadvantage of rain is, that the road becomes messy and the whole place becomes so cold.

So, if I were to choose between the rainy and dry seasons, I would choose both.

I do not want too much dryness as it will lead to drought and I do not want too much rain as it could make people lose their lives and property from excess flooding, pneumonia and fungi infection.

Everything should be balanced as God created it.

But if I am forced to pick just one season that will last forever then I will pick the dry season.

I will pick the dry season because we will not have to battle with NEPA drying wire for days which leaves us in total darkness for days.



I will be able to wash my clothes in peace and have them dry the same day.

I will be able to take nice pictures and not worry about carrying umbrellas or raincoats everywhere I go as I am good at misplacing my umbrellas on a steady.

I will bask in the sunlight and have beautiful colours pop from the sky which helps to elevate my mood, waking up to the sunlight leaves me with a positive feeling that it is going to be a good day.

As for the water crisis? When there is a power supply, there can never be a shortage of water as there is light to pump water.

The heat too can be controlled as there is power supply to turn on the fan or air conditioner. Thankfully many of us now have solar and that's a plus too.

Farmlands can be watered manually using a watering can or pipe. So we do not have to worry about lack of food.

For the dust? There is a facemask to cover our face and remain healthy and eyeglasses to protect our eyes.

We will enjoy the free flow of traffic, good roads to walk upon and many people can carry out their activities in peace.

Lastly, I am often terrified by the sound of thunder and excess lightning and more to that, the rainy seasons invites the spirit of procrastination, ever notice how you keep ever other everything on hold when it rains? Rain and procrastination are two peas in a pod as one becomes lazy and tends to sleep.

This is my response to the prompt, thank you.

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Not for me. When it rains it pours. I work rain or not. Procrastinating and rain only for those who are (in my opinion) not in charge of their life. Rain shouldn’t stop anyone from taking necessary steps unless it has to do with parties and maybe some outside shindig. Corporate companies don’t buy the rain as an excuse. “Get to work or Get out”😂

I love the rain but I also love the sun. I would also want a balance. Because there are days I just want the summery sun 🌞

You are right, I want a balance but if I am forced to choose, I go for the dry season.

Thanks for coming around.

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I love the rain, I love when the weather is rainy, cold and wet, it seems to calm me down, it makes me think about so many things and I have no words to describe how much I like this weather!


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Lol, so you pray for the rain everyday, right?

Of course, unfortunately here where I live most of the time it's sunny and hot, it's great to see the rain falling through the window. <3

It's great anyways. Hehe

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I love how you break down the benefits of both seasons.
To me, both are essential for humanity
from #dreemport

Thank you for stopping by.

I agree with you that having a balance between the two seasons because we need the two. But I love the dry season cause it doesn't cause any obstructions in our daily lives.


Thank you.

You are welcome.

A really cool read dealing with 'seasons' - thanks for sharing. In Cape Town, we can have 4 seasons in one day haha.

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That's good to know, thank you for your time on my blog.