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Happy 1st Sunday in February to all hivians. It is great writing in this contest.

I am a teacher, one day, one of my students came to me and said sir, "I'm putting effort into many things for people to like me but it's not showing". I smiled and asked her why she needs people to like her, and she said It'll make her feel good.

I told her not to ever try to impress anybody, but always be herself, she should always act natural and she'll be known for who she is. You cannot fake who you are, who you are is who you are and nothing can change that.

I told her about her unique qualities that I didn't see in any other person and her mind was calm and she left

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I told her that exactly, because that's who I am, Ill like to begin with my personality. I am a simple, carefree, and social character who sees the universe as the reason for everything that happens, I am a very consistent unique quality amongst my circle of friends. I am known as someone who takes care of people's problems and not that I always want to, so I can be loved but it's just me. Even if in the process of being a solution-finder for others, I get hurt, I still won't stop.

Coupled with the fact that I feel so comfortable shouldering people, I tolerate anybody irrespective of their character and that's because we are not created the same way. There are no two people with equal personalities, we have different backgrounds and different upbringings. Everyone has gone through different life-challenging hits and we respond to them differently and reflect on them differently. All these give us varying personalities, it takes very uncommon people to have the ability to tolerate everyone and have no enemies but only friends.

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People see my personality as being weak, been vulnerable. But I will always accept being vulnerable, but being weak is not acceptable. Shouldering people makes me feel strong, makes me feel like a hero, and makes me feel fulfilled knowing I have at some point helped someone's situation which can in return save the situations of many who are beneficiaries of that one person who was helped.

Every time I try to compare the criticisms with the commendations I get from friends for being who I am.
I still stuck to who I am, because that's who I am, I can't do otherwise, I only need to reflect on the commendations and not the criticism.


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I can give an instance among many of my commendations from the people around me.

I used to have a female friend back in my school days, I took care of her like my own sister. She had many flaws, and I still didn't mind, I was wowed by a statement she made while talking to a friend. "She said if everyone is like me, the world would be a better place to live".
She said making sacrifices for even those who don't matter to me all because of the greater good is the only thing she knows I care about.

I felt pleased with her statement, and I told her, I don't do these things because I want people to talk about me in that manner. I only do them because it's right for everyone to be each other's keeper.

Thanks so much for reading. Stay blessed.


Every time I try to compare the criticisms with the commendations I get from friends for being who I am.
I still stuck to who I am, because that's who I am, I can't do otherwise, I only need to reflect on the commendations and not the criticism

People will always criticize you for being who you are, not knowing that you are just YOU
Don't stop being yourself!

Thanks for sharing

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I feel that people who have your kind of mindset are never weak. The fact that they can shoulder responsibilities and the burdens of others while still cheering them when they don't feel good themselves is a unique kind of strength. Thank you for participating.

Thanks for reading, @deraaa, though I get hurt sometimes, I still feel very strong inside.

 2 months ago