Mocks those with adverse reactions: Comedian Heather McDonald passes out and fractures her skull


She makes fun of those who choose not to get vaccinated and of the adverse reactions during an improvised comic sketch, faints and fractures his skull: this is what happened to Heather McDonald, American comedian and stand-up comedian, during a show at Temple Improv, Arizona. Heather McDonald taunts the unvaccinated, passes out and breaks her skull Someone will call it "karma", someone else "divine intervention", others "message from the universe", we leave the denomination to you: perhaps now, - but we are not so sure - the comedians, self-styled jesters or regime jesters who say if you like, they will think twice before including in the lineup the inevitable joke about the unvaccinated that so much makes the liberal public unleash.
A real insult to the thousands disabled by adverse reactions to the anti-Covid vaccine - not to mention the confirmed deaths.

And so Heather McDonald, not exactly a big-name actress and quite mediocre comedian, passed out falling backwards and banging her neck while explaining, with enormous satisfaction, that she had been injected with two doses of the vaccine, the third, the flu shot "Despite this, I still have menstruation", she jokes, hitting the thousands of women who have reported alterations in the menstrual cycle, even serious, following the injections. “I've traveled to Mexico twice, I've never caught Covid. Jesus really loves me so much. He is so cute, so cute… ». Sbam. Fracture of the skull.

Viewers at first thought that the fainting was a comic expedient of dubious taste surrounding the skit. And so no one lifted a finger, waiting for Heather McDonald to get up. Until it became clear that the actress had seriously fainted, and at which point the Tempe Improv staff intervened to rescue her and call an ambulance. Transported to the emergency room, she emerged from social oblivion a few days later, posting a video from the hospital bed. The comedian, showing off two conspicuous bruises around her eyes, declares herself astonished. "I am very sorry. I passed out on stage. I made a joke and suddenly I felt faint. Look at my eyes… Oh my God, I feel terrible, I can't believe it happened, ”he continued. Did that "Jesus" named in vain at the end of the sentence annoy someone upstairs? Maybe it is a signal for the comedian to finally change her repertoire (or profession)? Or maybe it is a message "from the Universe" to the umpteenth comic woman who is not funny, full of resentment and acrimony? We will never know. In the meantime, we wish you a speedy recovery. Advising her to leave out the people who suffer from her little shows.


she went on dr drew this week, and said she got the booster 3 weeks before that happened, dr drew said that is one of the side affects that can happen 2 to 3 weeks after taking a booster.

Hahaha ... We have a 'comedian' Who also went in TV show, joking about side effects, go tell jokes to Who died for the jab,lamer ...

Ive been seeing some clips of various reporters, if that is even what they are called anymore, that are pro vax and passing out live on air. I think the most recent one was in Germany.