Nathan Senn from D.Buzz​ Discuss Blockchain​ and Decentralized in Live Video

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Nathan Senn from D.Buzz Discuss Blockchain​ and Decentralized in Live Video.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to have Nathan (@nathansenn), be interviewed by "Why Libertarian" live on You Tube.

Nathan shared his story with us about how he got interested in blockchain and what he is doing now to change the world. He also covered topics from distributed ledgers and decentralized organizations to the future of D.Buzz and how it will add to this change.

This was an insightful interview, and we hope that videos like this and others will help the larger community discover HIVE and D.Buzz moving forward.

Here is the link to the full video :

Summary of Topics and Moments.

Nathan joints the broadcast3:50
Talking about the Steem Hard fork8:33
Nathan talks about The History of D.Buzz20:20
Our Boy @chrisrice Gets a shout out!26:49
Talking about Long Form content!34:19
Where is the world going?41:59
About Lighting Network and ETH 2.050:12
Merno Woot woot54:45
Closing remarks1:03:55:

How Can You Help

There are three major ways you can help D.Buzz currently in our promotion efforts.

  1. If you know anybody who has a podcast or interview styled broadcast, and they're looking for guest speakers to come on and talk about hive, sociamdia, freedom of speech, or any other related topic, we would appreciate the introduction.
  2. If you could like the YouTube video and share it to help spread the word, this would be awesome.
  3. Lastly were always looking for collaborators and content developers were interested in working together.

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As always thank you for being part of our journey together, and please stay tuneded for more exciting interviews and development from D.Buzz, your home on the web 3.0.

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Good listen, moving forward on blockchain with free speech, open to discussion and debate going into the future.

Thanks @dbuzz Team, host @whylibertarian and @nathansenn for interesting interview, not forgetting @jacuzzi with ongoing promotion.

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