A vaccine so good they have to bribe you to take it!

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Consent (to medical experimentation, for example) while being bribed, enticed, or incentivized is legally questionable and morally reprehensible. But that's exactly what is being done right now, across the Western world, to increase Covid "vaccine" compliance. Here's some stuff you can get if you're willing to take the experimental serum:


Employers are offering 4 or 6 hours of pay, cash bonuses, and/or gifts of company inventory to employees who take the shot. In some cases, the government is covering part or all of these costs.

Money is a very powerful motivator for some people.


Various companies are offering freebies to people who take the shot. Sometimes its a one-time gift, but other times you can get the free item over and over (if continue to get your booster shots).

The exact items you can get vary by area, and include:

  • Krispy Kreme donuts
  • Budweiser beer
  • Junior's mini cheesecake
  • Nathan's hot dogs
  • White Castle dessert

There are non-food offers as well. For example, Staples will laminate vaccination passports for free.


Not everything being offered is tangible like money and junk food! You can also gain status by accepting the jabs. The very-important social status of "fully vaccinated person" is only obtained by taking the shots. It is considered superior to recovering from the virus and having natural immunity. CNN has already reported that fully vaccinated people will be welcome in public, at gatherings and events, and in the workplace. "Avoid unvaccinated family and exclude unvaccinated friends," warns CNN.

People who obtain this status receive some of their pre-covid freedom back. An immunity passport will be issued to all vaccinated people, and is already being used extensively in Israel and China to control where each person is allowed to go, what they are allowed to do, and who they are allowed to associate with. They get access to restaurants and bars, fitness centers, and public buildings. Unvaccinated people will be increasingly demoted to an underclass and excluded from society. As CNN says, this incentivizes compliance with the "vaccines".

People are desperate for any degree of freedom back, after 15 months of lockdowns. And everybody loves free stuff. Corporations and states know this, so for better or worse, they are using bribery to get more doses of these "vaccines" into human bodies.

Participation is not mandatory, but who can resist free donuts and beer? We will soon find out.



I saw there were some guys that were offering weed or I think it was THC gummy bears to people who got the jab.


Hehe well it's probably legal weed, so no thanks! Gross.
Funny though... if it was actually decent cannabis, it might help protect people from the vaccine's effects. Cannabinoids are neuroprotectants, for one thing, and also anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory.
Although, it's funny to give people joints to smoke "as a way to bring people together" once they are vaccinated. Since the vaccine doesn't stop you from getting infected or passing it on, won't puffing joints as a group just ensure that everybody gets infected?


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It's crazy, they play with people's minds.

It's weird, but Alex Jones was right about this being an InfoWar all along...

They sure do, so we have to stay sharp, because it's a battle for our minds and consent.

They will look for ways to force us, but we cannot all be fooled.

Hey, wasn't there a Simpsons episode where Homer traded his soul for a donut?

LOL probably a few of them, yeah.
People who take the vaccine with the freebies in mind are insane. It's hard to imagine somebody caring even less for their own life.

I keep looking at that pink tube of buttholes in the thumbnail.... and just about puking.
Who would inject themselves for that??

Gross! At least they could have offered something healthy, or at least somewhat tasty.... all the free food is complete garbage! Processed meat, cheap beer, sugary chemical desserts? BARF!
Another reason to NOT get vaccinated!

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