YouTube only allows content that fits the official narrative

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▶️ A short video for my YouTube channel, letting my 9000 subscribers know why I haven't posted in months. Hopefully doing so doesn't get me another strike, or they'll memory-hole my 800+ videos. I wish I could invite them to join alternate platforms, but even mentioning that or linking to it would get me banned. I literally can't say anything except within a narrow range of accepted viewpoints and topics. Scary place now.

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▶️ LBRY / Odysee

▶️ 3Speak

▶️ Bitchute

▶️ Flote

▶️ YouTube



The other day i was trying to find any information i mean ANY INFORMATION that said something out of the prescribed narrative in relation to Covid and you can find it, but it is really tough and buried hard. I'm not sure exactly what shadow-banned means but it is very real. I just hope that some other sites can band together and create an alternative because there are a ton of options outside of YouTube but almost none of them have much content. I suppose these things take time.

How do you feel about Odysee? You seem to be able to do whatever you want there.

Pretty good. Decent track record over a few years now. They do things a little differently both philosophically and technically. I think it has a chance. Getting attacked by the SEC right now, and the price of the token crashed, but everything still works and the community is large. Could get interesting.

Yeah. There's not much left to say about YouTube except GET OFF THERE NOW! What a cesspool. They are actively working to undermine personal freedom and bring about communism in the West.

Yeap. Sadly, YouTube has become part of the global technocratic communist takeover.

Youtube: broadcast long as your self doesn't counter the official narrative

Yeah man, I can only imagine getting to 9000 and watching your channel get throttled on the way up. A simple link to Hive will nuke your youtube, facebook or twitter accounts.

But I mean youtube top trends gross child material and pushes mainstream media nonsense. Solid individuals like yourself are at the right place, imo, in a decentralized community.

Anymore, people trying to promote youtube or give tips on how to make it on a platform that promotes gross, horrendous material with authoritarian news sources providing back up, I stop following and move on to the next content creator.

I understand people who use it to promote their own websites or redirect traffic to Hive or elsewhere. But that is more and more difficult as youtube was allowing me to upload 4k videos no problem. Problem was I was using them specifically to embed into Hive posts. The last video I uploaded only came out in 240p and only difference was a Hive link. But with @threespeak working great and better than odysee, why even use youtube?