Our Republic has quietly slid into tyranny, supported by the FBI, SMH!

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The FGB (formerly FBI) Federal Gestapo Bureau attacked a peaceful compound in Florida, because it is owned by a Conservative! Never before in History has a federal institution preformed such a politically motivated attack.

This is exactly what the national socialists did in Germany in the 1930's! NO difference at all...the next step is prison, and then murder; for those who don't agree with you, politically!!!!! It must come, because today's socialists are following the same game plan; to achieve the same results, total political power!

Here is a copy of the 'warrant' used to justify this attack:
Read this carefully, as this is the End of the Rule of Law in our damaged Republic! This was a fishing expedition designed to try to find Anything to hurt Donald Trump!

It worries me that they would not allow on site lawyers to observe their Raid. The only reason for this is to allow them to PLANT 'evidence' with no witnesses! This can only be to ensure they will find 'something' in the 'evidence' they 'collected' in Florida.

I No Longer Trust the FGB (aka fbi), as they have lied and
Ignored the Rule Of Law; proving themselves to be a lap dog of the liberals! It is sad to see how far a once 'untouchable' institution has fallen; now they reside in the socialistic sewer, by their own choice.

They must be completely revamped, and those in charge need to suffer the Rule of Law with prison when convicted! I expect the top ten layers need to be fired, and the top three tried for what they are doing.

It must be disbanded, or forever remain a-political; no other result is acceptable! Right now they are filling in the gap the Gestapo filled, for the national socialist party. I see no significant difference, and soon political opponents must be eliminated; and sadly these people may be the instrument used!

To prove this bias, you need only google hunter Biden... I don't want to pollute my computer.

QED, They have hidden hard evidence on the Biden Crime Family, while apparently feeling the need to PLANT evidence on President Trump!