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This great presentation by 'Lex the Dove' comes from the In Power Movement and clearly explains a simple tool that everyone can use to drastically shift the balance of world power in the favour of 'everyone' instead of the few.

In short, there is a principle in law in the US, UK and elsewhere that says that 'tacit agreement' exists where an offer is presented and no response is given to it.

At the core of these law systems is the idea that all actions in the universe must be voluntary!
"Wait, that doesn't sound like much fun for those wanting to crush the will of the people?! How will they dominate and steal from everyone if people can just choose to opt out?"

Well, that's where numerous tricks have been inserted into the legal systems to try to ensure that you 'voluntarily' go along with whatever ideas the scumbags come up with. Exploitation of our ignorance of 'Tacit Agreement' is one such strategy. Ever wonder why you seem to be forced to do 101 things that you don't want or need to do, just becuase someone in government decided you will do it? Every time you are presented with a 'demand' from such people it is really an 'offer', an 'offer to contract'. You can either accept or reject the contract. The problem here is that in these legal systems if you remain silent then you agree by default!

What happens if we respond to any and all such 'offers' that we don't like in a way that negates the attmept to over-ride us and that turns the tables on the people involved? That's what this video and the In Power Movement are teaching. I have personal experience of this strategy as I used it over a decade ago to shut down both the UK government and a major bank who were threatening me with a variety of headaches at that time. Instead of closing our eyes and wishing the problems away, we respond with carefully worded letters that let them know that we know the contractual nature of the law/legal system and we say that we will agree to their terms.. if.. they can provide x, y and z - completely reasonable requests that should be easy to provide if their claims are legitimate. We also let them know that you will be charging them personally a large sum of money for your time if they cannot prove their claims.

As the video points out, In Power has already had several cases where high profile government figures have stepped down shortly after receiving their legal/lawful notices! In fact, when this is done correctly, I have never seen it fail to achieve what some might think 'impossible'.

I highly suggest checking out In Power and trying out some of their strategies if you feel excited to do so and need help with creating new balance in life for yourself, friends and family. In truth, one way or another - every time you free yourself and free others, you free me too in some way or other because everything is connected. :)

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Brilliant, I've seen this work for a few people that used it. One of whom being Michael O'bernacia who successfully beat the taxman and hasn't paid tax for years.

If we all educated ourselves on contract/corporate law and legalese we would all be untouchable.

Have you heard about the letter by Mark Sexton addressed to the King that has gone viral?
I read it and although it's worded well I don't think it will work as the Royal Family has no real power and he's just a WEF puppet.

I'm not always sure about Michael.. I've seen him claim many things, get given donations and then never provide any evidence of his success.. or there is very clear evidence he failed. However, yes, I have personally used this particular approach so I know it's possible and I'm not saying he didn't have much bigger success with more difficult areas than I have.

I hadn't heard anything about a letter to the alleged King, no. I just scanned through it. It's good to see people attempting something. I looked into these kinds of topics a great deal, many years ago. I actually have family who were previously very close to those 'royal' circles and I have been raised to know more than most people about what is really going on. In short, no such letter will achieve anything directly because it is based on the premise that democracy is real and that the story of the 'United Kingdom' is anything more than a scam. It's not. The whole thing is a deliberately designed scam and always has been.

Writing these letters is like writing to your kidnapper, asking them to reconsider. That's the reality I understand here.

The only reason I share the information about contract strategies is that they are technically outside of the scam, in that they (can, if worded correctly) represent real interactions that have real consequences in the universe. Anything to do with reliance on alleged royalty and parliament to 'uphold' anything or 'honour' anything, is a fool's errand in my understanding. Actually, it's an act of selling yourself out and living in denial - but I appreciate that the denial soup is so thick at this point that expecting people to see/feel through it is a akin to wanting a volcanic crab at the bottom of the sea to appreciate sunlight.

I'm not 100% sure how the WEF fits into the history of all this, but if I had to define them in this context, I'd say they are a public facing PR channel for carrying out long held plans among the children of Luciferic energy. I'm not religious, I just know what Luciferic energy is - it's unloving light (yang) that seeks to deny emotionality and free will (yin).

I don't feel there is any answer to this without epic and unprecedented loving enlightenment.

Yes, I agree with your letter to the kidnapper analogy and that democracy is a farce. It was a good way to stop the slaves from revolting by giving them the illusion that they are free.

I think the letter to King approach would have worked before king John gave away any chance of Honor being upheld by the royals. Things changed when the Magna carter was rewritten by the King under threat from the banking cartel hundreds of years ago. It wasn't long after this that Corporate Law/Maritime Law was brought in and the whole birth certificate and registration scam was introduced. Or at least this is my understanding of it.

The Darkness and the low frequencies being spread by the Luciferians will be beaten by the lightness and higher frequencies we all have within us. Love is the key

Thankfully the internet is enabling ever more people to share the needed information in a variety of ways without it being possible to stop everyone.. Well, without Matrix style flying, armed drones of course.. Ah..


Healing this is going to be an inside job.

Nice writeup

Of course! Having a voice will oblige us to scream against the wind! But is that going to help? You say it does, so I should make use of it, regardless of the effects. Interestingly, right at this very moment my German Train card was being verified... something that hasn't happened since I got the thing five months ago. But hey, now they know that one of their passengers is the amazing @stortebeker .

The strategy being described here is a very specific legal process, it's not a suggestion to just wildly speak words or write letters.. we all know that unguided attempts of this kind often go nowhere :)

I don't know whether German law supports this approach and my German is too rusty to reliably research it, but it's worth exploring.

All very true. This is why I say over and over, I do not consent to the whole psychopathic legal/governmental system and stand sovereign on Ethical ground!

I Do Not Consent! (article): https://peakd.com/informationwar/@amaterasusolar/i-do-not-consent

Under Duress Only (article): https://peakd.com/deepdives/@amaterasusolar/under-duress-only

Yes, consent is a key word here, along with 'capacity' - the capacity to act and the capacity within which we act.

As you pointed to in your other post, this is about heart and 'not heart' (psychopathy).

Agreed! Another thing I say is that I do not consent to anything unEthical! Which is most of the legal system.

Indeed, the true "war" is between the Ones with heart and the psychopaths promoted to power by money, the psychopaths presently in control.