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Authored by @rishi556

Giftgiver has been getting a lot of popularity these days and I've been hearing some great things about what we can do to improve. Some of them, I 100% agree with and have plans on implementing them in the future. But one of the ideas(which was proposed to me before even the launch by @sn0n) I'm kind of stuck on and want to know what the community thinks of it before going forward with it.

There's a few welcoming bots, and we've been recommended that we might want to have our own, to let new users know about the site. Now, I haven't done that so far because I've always seen those types of bots as spammy, but I guess in a way they can be quite helpful to someone who's just getting involved in the ecosystem. Right now, if a user runs out of RC, and they don't know anyone they are stuck in the pit waiting for it to regenerate. But if we made comments on each user's first post, that'd be one way of alerting the user about our site and how they can get more HP to interact for free.

What would you guys think of this? Should it be something that we should consider doing, or stay out of it? If possible and one of the owners of the other bots is reading this, would you be willing to put in a small paragraph explaining RC and GiftGiver and what we do to help users?

I'll be reading the comments and using them as advice on how to go on with this. Thank you to everyone who's helped us get to the point where we are at.


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Written by @rishi556.


Sorry, I did not see this post until now. @steevc and I were talking about the need for a bot that can notify users who are low on RC. I set up @resourceful for this purpose today, and you may see an uptick in traffic to You know where to find me 😉.

Traffic has gone over 2.5x in the last week haha. You guys are making an impact for sure.

Good news. Just have to find ways to keep funding those delegations.

I was very impressed to see it go from suggestion to working bot in a day or two! Looks like it is having an impact.

I am not a fan of welcome bot messages, I think its primarily ignored and overwhelms users and gives them crappy experience. I think a far better perhaps leave a wallet entry similar to what dust sweeper used to do where it popped you wallet entry to tell you to top up.

I'm in the same boat, I think wallet messages are even worse because I believe most of the links out there to be phishing/scam and so I don't click them. Looking for a good way to get information about this out to users. Right now theres a few people who have taken it upon themselves to find users who are low and make comments manually explaining GG, which I think is great since there's an actual human for engagement if they have questions.

A short and concise welcome message that tells about the purpose of GG would be remembered by a newcomer in my opinion.

Personally, I ignored all welcome messages that appeared to be bots or copy + paste replies (Sorry @brittandjosie lol) when I joined. Now, that may have been to my detriment on this platform, since RC, VP, ETC are all foreign concepts to a blogging/social media platforms, but it happened. And I'm going to bet it happens a lot.

Nobody likes spam, and I don't think that spam makes the platform look good.

Hahaha non offence taken but the indeed we do them manually but that’s a choice , we like to get friends in the Discord and most stay. 😉

on the other hand, this is how it is now:
A lot of users have 0 comments, 0 upvotes.
i think a welcome message is better than a huge VOID.

I dont might the welcome bots.
I can see how they can become overwhelming tho.

A whole other idea is for peakd to impliment a "help" button, which could trigger 1 bot to comment all the other help bots out there! :D

LOL @hivetrending already made a bot that detects users with low RC

i don't like welcome bot messages either, but @hivetrending has solved this by only sending a message to those accounts that are've seen this right?

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