List of low ranked and inactive witnesses

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When I was still below the Top100 rank, it was quite depressing for me to see that my low ranking preventing me from appearing in the official witnesses page was partly due to the fact that Hivers were still casting votes for witnesses who are inactive.


Now that I have gone up to the Top80, the horizon looks much nicer. However, new witnesses are still struggling to let the world know they do exist, hence this post to get people to review their witness votes regularly.

The blockchain used to have a rule that automatically skip inactive witnesses that are still registered after 24 hours of inactivity. That meant that you could just turn off your witness and the blockchain would just ignore you after 24 hours. However, this logic has been recently removed and inactive witnesses who have not un-registered are still schedule for block production but will miss the block. The higher their ranking is, the more frequently they are scheduled and the more blocks will be missed slowing down the network.

Active low ranked Witnesses

First, lets give more visibility to witnesses that are ranked below #100 and are not displayed on the official witnesses page. Please learn about them and consider casting a vote for them if you believe they are worth it.

  • Rank 101: @helo is using v0.23.0. Produced 9h6m ago.
  • Rank 102: @chitty is using v0.23.0. Produced 8h34m ago.
  • Rank 107: @cervisia is using v0.23.0. Produced 7h42m ago.
  • Rank 109: @prc is using v0.23.0. Produced 9h54m ago.
  • Rank 112: @lapingvino is using v0.23.0. Has not produced yet, needs witness votes.
  • Rank 116: @dpoll.witness is using v0.23.0. Produced 7h57m ago.
  • Rank 121: @hagie is using v0.23.0. Produced 15h20m ago.
  • Rank 122: @discovery-it is using v0.23.0. Produced 11h22m ago.
  • Rank 124: @birdinc is using v0.23.0. Produced 22d ago.
  • Rank 126: @battlegames is using v0.23.0. Produced 1h53m ago.
  • Rank 127: @yehey is using v0.23.0. Produced 2d ago.
  • Rank 132: @cryptobrewmaster is using v0.23.0. Produced 2h48m ago.
  • Rank 134: @dbuzz is using v0.23.0. Produced 4h7m ago.
  • Rank 154: @puncakbukit is using v0.23.0. Produced 1d ago.
  • Rank 158: @veteranforcrypto is using v0.23.0. Produced 11h49m ago.
  • Rank 170: @jamzed is using v0.23.0. Produced 1d ago.
  • Rank 211: @steemitportugal is using v0.23.0. Produced 22h46m ago.
  • Rank 239: @disregardfiat is using v0.23.0. Produced 37d ago.
  • Rank 243: @pcste is using v0.23.0. Produced 3d ago.
  • Rank 254: @we-the-people is using v0.23.0. Produced 3d ago.
  • Rank 270: @whiterosecoffee is using v0.23.0. Produced 6d ago.

List of inactive witnesses in the Top200

This is a list of retired, disabled and outdated witnesses that are so for over 4 consecutive weeks. You should consider removing your votes for them. The higher they are ranked, the more important it is to review your votes for them.

Retired Witnesses

The witnesses listed below are known to have retired and disabled their node.

  • Rank 79: @utopian-io has retired. Produced 410d ago.
  • Rank 91: @teamsteem has retired. Produced 273d ago.
  • Rank 92: @jerrybanfield has retired. Produced 511d ago.
  • Rank 100: @wackou has retired. Produced 772d ago.
  • Rank 108: @roadscape has retired. Produced 958d ago.
  • Rank 117: @arhag has retired. Produced 1000d ago.
  • Rank 142: @fulltimegeek has retired. Produced 515d ago.
  • Rank 165: @noblewitness has retired. Produced 354d ago.
  • Rank 193: @demotruk has retired. Produced 481d ago.

Outdated Witnesses

The following witnesses are still active but have not updated their server to use a valid version of the blockchain.

Witnesses running v0.22.5 were Justin Sun's supporters before the split.

  • Rank 63: @busy.witness is still using v0.22.2. Produced 85d ago.
  • Rank 64: @fyrst-witness is still using v0.22.1. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 66: @blockbrothers is still using v0.22.1. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 83: @coingecko is still using v0.22.1. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 85: @ihashfury is still using v0.22.1. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 88: @adsactly-witness is still using v0.22.0. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 90: @justyy is still using v0.22.1. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 93: @furion is still using v0.20.5. Produced 303d ago.
  • Rank 94: @partiko is still using v0.20.7. Produced 273d ago.
  • Rank 99: @steemed is still using v0.20.10. Produced 273d ago.
  • Rank 105: @bue is still using v0.22.1. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 113: @steemyoda is still using v0.13.0. Produced 1369d ago.
  • Rank 114: @ro-witness is still using v0.22.0. Produced 68d ago.
  • Rank 119: @steemhunt is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 140: @yoodoo is still using v0.22.0. Produced 141d ago.
  • Rank 143: @cryptopassion is still using v0.22.1. Produced 93d ago.
  • Rank 144: @swisswitness is still using v0.22.1. Produced 112d ago.
  • Rank 146: @bukio is still using v0.22.1. Produced 68d ago.
  • Rank 147: @steemwisdom is still using v0.20.5. Produced 593d ago.
  • Rank 148: @steem-bounty is still using v0.20.6. Produced 356d ago.
  • Rank 161: is still using v0.22.1. Produced 69d ago.
  • Rank 163: @zzan.witnesses is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 164: @masteryoda is still using v0.20.5. Produced 587d ago.
  • Rank 168: is still using v0.19.12. Produced 609d ago.
  • Rank 169: @maiyude is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 171: is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 172: @future.witness is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 173: @snackplus is still using v0.20.10. Produced 379d ago.
  • Rank 175: @boatymcboatface is still using v0.20.10. Produced 363d ago.
  • Rank 177: @hunger365 is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 178: @night11pm is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 179: @bostonawesome is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 180: @flyingfly1 is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 181: @agirl10000 is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 182: @cloudysun is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 183: @toke2049 is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 184: @eastooowest is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 185: @coronashallgo is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 186: @goodguy24 is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 188: @matreshka is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 189: @cmp2020 is still using v0.16.0. Produced 1153d ago.
  • Rank 190: @ety001 is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 198: @nicetry001 is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.
  • Rank 199: @bobdos is still using v0.22.0. Produced 124d ago.
  • Rank 200: @steem-dragon is still using v0.22.5. Produced 67d ago.

Disabled Witnesses

The witnesses listed below have disabled their node.

  • Rank 46: @clayop was using v0.22.0. Inactive 93d ago.
  • Rank 68: @reggaemuffin was using v0.22.0. Inactive 167d ago.
  • Rank 77: @xeldal was using v0.22.1. Inactive 163d ago.
  • Rank 82: @wise-team was using v0.23.0. Inactive 59d ago.
  • Rank 103: @wehmoen was using v0.23.0. Inactive 52d ago.
  • Rank 104: @lux-witness was using v0.23.0. Inactive 52d ago.
  • Rank 106: @oracle-d was using v0.22.0. Inactive 233d ago.
  • Rank 110: @charlieshrem was using v0.20.10. Inactive 273d ago.
  • Rank 111: @steempty was using v0.19.2. Inactive 807d ago.
  • Rank 115: @danielsaori was using v0.22.2. Inactive 85d ago.
  • Rank 118: @kushed was using v0.19.2. Inactive 797d ago.
  • Rank 120: @witness.svk was using v0.19.0. Inactive 954d ago.
  • Rank 123: @joseph was using v0.20.7. Inactive 528d ago.
  • Rank 125: @helpie was using v0.22.1. Inactive 118d ago.
  • Rank 128: @blockchained was using v0.20.8. Inactive 510d ago.
  • Rank 129: @ayogom was using v0.22.0. Inactive 266d ago.
  • Rank 130: @blueorgy was using v0.19.2. Inactive 818d ago.
  • Rank 131: @krnel was using v0.20.10. Inactive 330d ago.
  • Rank 133: @travelfeed was using v0.22.1. Inactive 68d ago.
  • Rank 135: @au1nethyb1 was using v0.19.2. Inactive 793d ago.
  • Rank 136: @datasecuritynode was using v0.19.1. Inactive 883d ago.
  • Rank 137: @bitcoiner was using v0.19.2. Inactive 839d ago.
  • Rank 138: @bitrocker2020 was using v0.22.0. Inactive 225d ago.
  • Rank 139: @steemcommunity was using v0.20.8. Inactive 393d ago.
  • Rank 141: @liberosist was using v0.20.10. Inactive 273d ago.
  • Rank 145: @theprophet0 was using v0.19.1. Inactive 840d ago.
  • Rank 149: @thekitchenfairy was using v0.22.0. Inactive 78d ago.
  • Rank 150: @davinci.witness was using v0.20.9. Inactive 297d ago.
  • Rank 151: @cyrano.witness was using v0.19.0. Inactive 1041d ago.
  • Rank 152: @bitcube was using v0.13.0. Inactive 1344d ago.
  • Rank 153: @felixxx was using v0.20.6. Inactive 518d ago.
  • Rank 155: @tdv.witness was using v0.16.0. Inactive 1247d ago.
  • Rank 156: @steem-id was using v0.19.2. Inactive 872d ago.
  • Rank 157: @untersatz was using v0.22.2. Inactive 85d ago.
  • Rank 159: @asbear was using v0.19.6. Inactive 617d ago.
  • Rank 160: @steve-walschot was using v0.14.2. Inactive 1308d ago.
  • Rank 166: @nonlinearone was using v0.16.0. Inactive 1193d ago.
  • Rank 167: @chbartist was using v0.22.1. Inactive 207d ago.
  • Rank 174: @tasteem was using v0.20.10. Inactive 382d ago.
  • Rank 176: @privex was using v0.20.10. Inactive 273d ago.
  • Rank 187: @markangeltrueman was using v0.20.6. Inactive 569d ago.
  • Rank 191: @moisesmcardona was using v0.19.4. Inactive 694d ago.
  • Rank 194: @sc-steemit was using v0.20.5. Inactive 481d ago.
  • Rank 195: @dropahead was using v0.19.2. Inactive 824d ago.
  • Rank 196: @jrswab was using v0.20.5. Inactive 552d ago.
  • Rank 197: @yuriks2000 was using v0.20.10. Inactive 321d ago.

Can't help but feel that these inactive witnesses >30d should automatically be removed from the witness list and the witness vote automatically returned to the account that voted for them.

Is this something that has been discussed with the current developers? That's a long list of inactive witnesses and confusing to people who don't understand witnesses or governance here...

thank you for your observation, we believe too that not having an updated list of witnesses is not very effective for the whole community

Exactly! It also means that other active witnesses who are not in the top 100 don't get a chance because they are buried underneath a load of inactive ones.

We need to have a variety and options with our witness votes in my opinion but when there's quite a few "stale", "disabled" or not the current version of software being run, it will confuse anyone.

Definitely a "tidy up" needed there but have no idea how that would be implemented as I'm not a coder/developer.

Yes i agree. i am listed as rank 242 in that list, but active rank 157, although even that active rank is incorrect too, because there are witnesses running steem forks that are still listed above me. Now that we've forked to hive surely we need to change the ranks?

Yeah for sure! Well fingers crossed it gets looked at after this upcoming Hard Fork I saw mentioned and it's added to the "to-do" list on the next one. Especially after all the community came together to vote for witnesses prior to the Hive fork, I think it's pretty relevant now to tidy that list up.

+1 on this.
If a witness is inactive for 30+ days he is either dead, in hospital or disabled the witness permanently in 90% of all cases.
Returning the vote is also agod idea because of inertia.

Ha, yeah it could be any number of reasons but I think there needs to be a "cut off" - as the original post said, it must be so disheartening for a new witness running the latest version to see there's people who've been inactive for 18 months or more that is higher up than them!

Needs to be tidied up for sure but no idea how to go about asking for these changes to be made.

No worries. Quochuy is a dev and probably a lot of other devs read his posts. I bet they already know this issue but it is not a priority atm because the first HIVE Hardfork is about to be done and has to be tested.
This should be a quick fix for one of the subsequent hardforks.

Thanks for the info about the next HF. I know there's a lot more pressing issues at hand right now so happy to wait for these first important issues to be addressed and tested then looking in to other matters after.

For always up to date info about HIVE, check the HIVE discord server.

Unfortunately I'm not a blockchain developer. Maybe @netuoso can give us some light on the topic.

Probably the simplest/easiest solution will be to introduce voting decay after some period of time.

For example, old votes start to decay after one year, then decay to zero after some time, say one month (the decay period is just to give voters some time adjust to avoid unexpected effects if a large vote starts to decay). This idea was discussed back at last SteemFest, and seemed to get general approval. It'll probably go up for general discussion after the upcoming HF.

Just need to wrap my head around that. So with this vote decay method, it would work as follows:

  • Votes on old/inactive/stale/disabled witnesses remain active and at full power for 1 year since the last block produced by that witness.
  • After that 1 year, there is a 1 month period where the votes lose their power and go down to 0 which would gradually see all old/inactive/stale/disabled witnesses fall to the bottom of the pile.

If my understanding is right, that seems reasonable although I think the 1 year period should be reduced to at least 6 months, maybe even 3 months. A witness needs to be "on the ball" with keeping the chain steady and have the latest consensus version running don't they? So 3 months should be enough time to have servers set up? I don't know, just asking the questions here 😃

The time period would be from when the vote is cast, not from when the witness last produced a block. In practice, the more general concern is that of inattentive voters (or ones that can't change their votes either because they lost their keys or because they died without passing them on to someone, aka "dead stake" voting). One year might be too long, and 6 months might be better, but it would put more pressure on voters to deal with updating their votes every 6 months or so.

Ah ok, yep, I see now, thanks for clarifying.

I'd say 6 months is probably the shortest time and 1 year is probably the max time with this. Meet in the middle at 9 haha.

I guess then the next pinch point would be how you'd notify someone with regard to their witness vote assuming the user is still active. Having a notification/comment like what Hivebuzz does with its comment notifications could be useful but if it's done with each witness vote and someone votes 30 witnesses in quick succession, could get annoying/spammy.

Perhaps just a one off notification every 9 months to say "review your witness votes" or words to that effect.

It could be decayed from last vote made. So for example, if you vote or unvote anyone, then the decay time to could be reset for all your votes. This makes the tacit assumption that when you vote for any witness, you've given some thought to your existing witness votes.

Yeah I like that idea and think it would work a lot better. There'll always have to be some assumptions made but with this approach, if someone is moving a witness vote around, they must have grasped at least a basic concept of governance and witness voting on Hive.

Is this idea/proposal something that will be brought up after the upcoming Hard Fork? Be good to brainstorm this and get some additional ideas.

This is a great suggestion. Additionally I also thought that it would have been great if all the witness votes were reset during the birth of Hive and a fresh vote was made. It would have been a fresh start for the witnesses.

There have been several discussions on similar topics in the past but I'm not sure what is the latest decision. What I remember is automated witness vote removal can lead to security issues.

What do you mean by security issues? In the sense that it would cause disruption to the chain or it leaves a possible "breach" for someone's account to get hacked or something else?

That's a great idea, and thus we can make the list more organised.

Yeah it does need a tidy up and would be a better reflection of who's currently active and supporting the running of the most up to date chain outside the top 20.

There are many aspects. One of the old discussion

Hmmm, I had a read through and I think that one thing needs to be addressed at a time and test it scientifically - looks like there's common agreement about the need to tidy up the disabled witnesses though and this "decaying vote" seems to be the most popular option at the moment.

We'll probably be continuing the discussion after this next Hard Fork 24 that I've seen mentioned.

Anything touching governance needs to be thoroughly thought and tested

Definitely agree with that, particularly in light of recent events!

My vote is already there for you @quochuy. I definitely think that you deserve to be on top for all the contributions you are doing. 👍

Thank you :-)

You are welcome. 😀

Do not forget to tell us why we should vote for you, sell yourself!

This is something I don't understand...why we have to sell ourself as a witness?
We are giving a service to whole hive not enough?
Ok you don't want to vote my node (is just an example, of course)...but you can easily vote someone else you think its worthwhile instead of wasting vote on outdated witness

It's classical voters behaviour. In the absence of a prior relationship with an option we'll always want to know why we should vote option A and not B. Except you're a complete newbie like me who would randomly vote if I could.

I know @veeart in fact my comment to @goldrooster was a provocation.
I'm not asking a vote for my witness (and I didn't told which one is..if someone is interested can easily find it) I'm asking vote for witness that are active and updated :) lot of people included @goldrooster still have witness vote on outdated/inactive witness and this is a disadvantage for the whole platform :)

This post isn’t about me, it’s more trying to help other witnesses who would benefit from more attention.

I actually forgot to update the post but I’m now in the Top30 so I’m not in a rush of climbing up even more. I have already plenty of posts selling myself but because you directly ask for it here is a quick summary:

  • I’m a developer and I contribute to the development of the Condenser and Wallet app that are powering and
  • I contribute to other projects such as Hive Keychain or the Javascript library for communicating with the Hive app for Ledger hardware wallet.
  • I run tools and bots for several communities, mainly Team Australia and Natural Medicine
  • I blog mainly about gardening, worm and BSFL farming, photography, DIY and martial arts

See my profile for more details in my posts.

I totally agree with your analysys.
We are running a witness since few days and we are struggling, as you did, for some "oxygen"
The main problem I recognized is not technical but human.
I asked people with a vote on inactive/retired/outdated witness to trust in our activity but in most cases I had no answer (neither yes nor no....simply no asnwer)
So, is ok to reactivate ignore procedure but when someone has unused or a wasted vote and don't want to use it there is no procedure for this :slight_smile:

I asked people with a vote on inactive/retired/outdated witness to trust in our activity but in most cases I had no answer (neither yes nor no....simply no asnwer)

  • some people don't pay attention to notifications
  • a lot of time, if people vote for inactive/retired/outdated witness, it could be because they are themselves inactive on the platform. So they won't see your comment or transfer memo.
  • maybe they simply don't care or don't care anymore

But yes, I agree, there is a human part to the issue. You can also tell by the fact the the number of users voting for witnesses is very low.

Once again we are on the same wavelength

We fully share what you say, and thank you on behalf of the our whole community for exposing the problem.

This is a really nice list, at least from my perspective as a new user trying to figure out how to decide for witnesses to vote for.

I have already looked into some and given a couple of votes, but posts like these are really useful as I wouldn't want to "waste" a vote on an inactive witness if an active witness with the same general ideals would be more deserving of my vote.

So thank you for this post :)

The list on this post is not complete, you could also go on to get the Top100 witnesses but you might already know it.

Hi @quochuy great report, really like what you're doing!

Are you able to add our witness to the low ranking but active list, @battlegames is currently at rank 106 and last mined a block 14 hours ago, we're running up-to-date version 23, aaand we maintain an updated price feed 💪

Retired/Outdated/Disabled witnesses - If I have counted correctly based on your report there are 17 inactive witnesses between our position and rank 80..wowzers! But that is also motivation to keep doing our thing with the aim of one day occupying one of those positions!

I'm actually seeing a different list of witnesses, here's where I get my list from which is in sync with the list found at 🤔

@battlegames is a blockchain gaming news syndicate, social media platform, content curation service, and gaming community. We believe fiercely in gaming as a blockchain use case, and our mission is to support blockchain game devs, gamers, and content creators on the Hive blockchain 🔥

A vote for @battlegames witness is a vote for blockchain gaming on Hive.

Our witness announcement post can be found here. I look forward to more frequent discussion with the Hive Governance community 🙏

There was a little bug in the script I used to generate the lists. It's now fixed. Thanks for reporting.
You are now listed above. Please note, your effective (active) rank is indeed 106 but the blockchain considers you as rank 126 because there are inactive witnesses in front of you.

Awesome, and thank you 🍺

Which genius removed the code to enable this problem?


Lol,nobody did it, right?
Or, not me?

Somebody did it, and that person needs to be loyalty checked,imo.

On Hive, I’m just a frontend developer. I’m not sure about the history of the dev of the blockchain. Things were added and removed and lead to what it is now. Now Top20 need to make the right decision to steer Hive into the right direction .

Yes, we can blame them when they screw this up, too.
Steem's failure to thrive was Ned sandbagging us because we didn't worship him as a god, iyam.
He could've had it that way, but his class consciousness prevented it, imo.

Now, we got new biases to overcome.
They still seem pretty insular with the high rewards.
Our median payout is nearly back to where it was before the fork.
It was as high as .8, but now it is back to ~.4.

Not gonna excite any newbs looking at the bulk of the pool going to the same 50 accounts day after day, while the other 9950 of us split what is left after the top twenty voters get their ten votes in.

I mean, if we aren't here to simply pay top players, but to actually work towards mass adoption, the current rate of distribution is going to need to be much wider.

I hope this gets fixed because new users such as myself get motivated with a few extra here and there, and get easily discouraged when something they worked on for four hours gets .4 payout.

Is it possible that, in the future, new users get extra bonus "newbie"payout for the first 3 months or so. And maybe extra delegated HP for the same time frame?

Is it possible that, in the future, new users get extra bonus "newbie"payout for the first 3 months or so.

There are problems with this.
If you do so then that means anyone can create hundreds of account just to get that newbie bonus.

Good point. That is a possibility. The rewards have to be greater than the time and effort to create multiple accounts, but if isn't maybe it won't be worth it. So the alternative is for newbies to continue creating content that gets attention and hope that one day there will be an audience who will appreciate the work they have put in.

No short cuts to fame here.
You gotta get out and comment so people know you are here.

The rewards will fix themselves once the largest voting accounts decide to let somebody else have some.
Until then, this is what we get.

I agree. I understand that I need to work my ass of to be able to gain some traction and get notoced by people. The same here as in other platforms, there is no shortcut to success. Thanks for the reply.

I more and more feel like earning $ from the inflation through upvotes is not attracting the right type of users to the platform. Not sure how to explain but let me try.

Before STEEM and HIVE existed, when most users comment on a blog post or a vlog, it's because it's quality content (not counting trolls and haters...). Someone would start blogging because they want to share what they like doing, some might want to do it for ads revenue but might stop because it does not pay enough for the pain. So most activities are around good content and great authors get rewarded via ad revenue because they attract more traffic.

With STEEM, you get paid for posting anything, even a single word. You then get paid for commenting a single word to that single word post. The more HP you have the more you get paid. So users who should not be authors start to post stuffs so they can make $, users who don't know what to say start saying silly stuffs hoping their comments will get upvoted, users start voting high payout posts hoping to get a bit of it, autovotes also helps.

Before Steem/Hive, were you scouting the Internet to find posts to read every day? But Steem/Hive wants you to go find 10 posts per day to upvote if you want to make make $

Maybe authors/curators rewards should be something else than from inflation in order to create genuine activities?

Or maybe the voters could take responsibility for what they vote?

Imo, the best thing the largest active stake holderscould do is support hive-dr and other abuse fighting community projects.
The coins going to fewer strong hands is not exciting to those not getting them.

I know down voting is not fun, but if hive is to 10x doing the same thing day after day is not cutting it.

I still like the whale experiment, no voting in excess of 800mv, or even better, 500mv.
Only 70 mostly inactive accounts are impacted by this, but they have demonstrated their greed clearly.

A worthwhile post, thanks for this. I wonder if witness voting could be an incentivized part of the platform, for example a proportion of rewards scale with the number of witness votes cast? Of course forcing people to vote for witnesses would need some care, so perhaps using at least 11 witness votes gains your full share of rewards?

Thanks for this information. I can update my witness votes now, please, keep us informed.

Thanks for mentioning me! I don't really like self-promotion but every support vote helps :).

A huge hug 🤗 and a little bit of !BEER 🍻 from @amico!

Un caro abbraccio 🤗 e un po' di BEER 🍻 da @amico!

You need to stake more BEER (24 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Hi @quochuy, thanks to put us on the list.
we-the-people is brand new and very low in the rank, we propose a new approach, we want to distribute 50% of the profits deriving from the writing of the blocks (excluding the maintenance costs of the server, today $ 30 / month) equally (one vote, one share) among all those who have kept the their vote.

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This is a pretty good thing for a lot of people to see. I will check my votes again but I was feeling pretty good at the time a couple weeks ago that I was voting for active witnesses and helping out those in the farther spots from the top 20.

I echo lots of the other discussions going on, hopefully vote decay will be something that occurs in an upcoming fork.

Thanks for mentioning))