Sapien Loop Quiz 1

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Hi Everyone,


Welcome to my first Sapien Loop Quiz. Sapien Loop is the title of my recently released book. I have published the book on Amazon and individual chapters are available on my @captainhive account.

I had initially planned to run economic contests throughout the year. I did that last year, and the previous years I ran the Buying and Selling Game, which is a type of economics contest. I changed my mind because I want to give this book exposure. It is very difficult to draw attention to content because there is so much content available on the internet. It does not matter how good something is if nobody sees it. At this point, I cannot say if Sapien Loop is good, that is for my audience to decide. I am an experienced writer, but this is my first time writing fiction. I learnt as I went along, and I am proud of my effort. The book is unique and carries some strong messages. I believe these messages are easier to express in a fictional story.

How to Play


These quizzes are very simple to play. Participants are required to answer multiple-choice questions. Participants choose from five possible answers. The answers can be found in the book. Most questions are simple and direct. Occasionally, there will be a few difficult questions that require the participants to interpret characters intentions and emotions.

Sapien Loop consists of the Prologue, five parts, and the Epilogue. The first few quizzes will focus on content from the Prologue and Part 1. However, some of these questions will be easier to answer with knowledge from other parts of the book.

How to Win


The winner is the participant who answers the most questions correctly. If there is a tie, the participant who entered first wins. In order to win, a participant must also answer more than half of the questions correctly. For example, if there are seven questions, the participant needs to answer at least four correctly to have a chance of winning. The first quiz consists of seven questions. Therefore, the winner needs to answer at least four questions correctly.



The winner of this contest will receive 60 Hive Power; 30 Hive Power has been rolled over from last month’s contest. If this contest has no winner, the Hive Power will be rolled over to next month’s contest. The first twelve entries will receive an upvote.

Let the Contest Begin!


For Quiz 1, there will be seven questions based on the content in the Prologue and Part 1 of the book Sapien Loop: End of an Era. You must read at least that far to find the answers. However, reading beyond this point will provide you with a deeper understanding that might improve your chances of winning.

Q1. Who runs the Sapey Government?

A. The President
B. The Chancellor
C. The Head Governor
D. Governors supported by representatives
E. The Prime Minister and a cabinet of ministers

Q2. How many countries are there in Sapia?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 8
D. 12
E. 18

Q3. What is an important perk for some top journalists?

A. Paid in tokens that do not expire
B. Free housing
C. Paid in unprogrammed tokens
D. Become a part owner of the media company
E. Attend the yearly grand ball held in West Region

Q4. What sauce did Demarcus use in the meal he prepared for his family?

A. Pineapple puree
B. Spicy Lambadoo sauce
C. Right sauce
D. Noink sauce
E. Blended snout juice

Q5. What is the name of the Head Enforcer in charge of the girls’ kidnapping case?

A. Vulay
B. Arville
C. Trevor
D. Jennifer
E. Not named

Q6. Why did Orcille call the enforcers?

A. To accuse Victor of kidnapping the girls
B. To accuse Denise and Morgan of kidnapping the girls
C. Report a murder
D. Confess to his own crimes
E. The book did not specify

Q7. What did Orcille do when Arville attempted to attack Vulay in the holding cell?

A. Bit a piece of his ear off
B. Shouted at him
C. Kicked him between the legs
D. Punched him in the neck
E. Did nothing

Entry Format

For this contest, I expect to see entries made in the following format:


Example of Entry

Q1: A
Q2: C
Q3: E
Q4: E
Q5: D
Q6: E
Q7: B

The closing date and time for this contest is 6PM coordinated universal time (UTC) 27/02/2024. Responses after this time will not be accepted. The winners will be announced in the results post.

I hope everyone has fun and enjoys the first Sapien Loop Quiz. I look forward to your participation next month.

More posts


I have several collections of posts. I have organised these collections based on content and purpose.

The first collection contains six collection posts created before PeakD had the collection feature. Four of these posts relate to the core of my content; one of them contains all my Actifit Posts, and one of them contains my video course, ‘Economics is Everyone’.


The second collection consists of the posts that I consider define my channel. These posts are significant in terms of content as well as how they contribute to the growth of the channel. These posts reveal the most about what I believe in.


The third and fourth collections are what I call my ‘Freedom-based Economics Living Book’. They contain all the posts that support my ideas about the value and power of freedom. Some of these posts explain what we can achieve with freedom and what we need to utilise it for. Some of them explain how we are deprived of freedom and how we often give up freedom for security and comfort. The third collection concludes with possible scenarios depending on what we (society) choose to do.



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Q1: D
Q2: C
Q3: A
Q4: D
Q5: A
Q6: A
Q7: E


I see @justclickindiva answered these before me, congratulations to her! 🎉

Hello @stekene. Good of you to join in. I hope we're both right with the answers. We'll see in a few days.

Take care.

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Q1: D
Q2: A
Q3: A
Q4: D
Q5: E
Q6: E
Q7: E


Q1: B
Q2: A
Q3: C
Q4: C
Q5: E
Q6: A
Q7: D

Q1: D
Q2: A
Q3: B

Q1: D
Q2: A
Q3: A
Q4: D
Q5: E
Q6: A
Q7: B

  1. D
  2. A
  3. A
  4. D
  5. E
  6. E
  7. B

Q1: C
Q2: B
Q3: D
Q4: E
Q5: D
Q6: B
Q7: A

Hello @spectrumecons. I hope you don't mind, but I have a couple remarks regarding two of the questions asked:

Q3. What is an important perk of being a top journalist?

I read that some (not all) top entertainers and journalists were allowed to earn tokens that did not have expiration dates. So technically, you weren't guaranteed to be entirely paid in no-expiration tokens. And if you rose to those ranks, you'd probably have to be ensure your particular position or job duty included this perk.

Q4. What sauce did Darius use in the meal he prepared for his family?

I read that it was Darius' younger brother, Demarcus who prepared the meal.

Thanks for your time.

Correct, it's not all top journalists.

Demarcus was the one who prepared the meal.

When I was writing Part 3 of the book, I often muddled the names Demarcus and Darius. I think it was because Demarcus was barely mentioned in Part 1 and Darius was one of the main characters. I'm confident I fixed that in editing in the second or third draft.

I'll correct the questions to be more accurate.

I'm glad you are so engaged with the book.

Hello. Thanks for your lovely response. I love short fiction writing, and details will pop out immediately to my readers to the point I'm called out on frequently. So I try to get them right the first time. Not always successful. I place the majority of my stories in the Freewriter's Community.

I try to devote as much time as I can to others' works as I would want them to treat mine the same. But as we all have offline lives, it's not always possible.

I love the action and intrigue so far in your story. That's one corrupt Enforcer unit in Adoy. I'm praying for a courageous soul to address it. Hopefully, it's a female :)

Take care.

@spectrumecons! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @ justclickindiva. (1/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want, plus you can win Hive Power (2x 50 HP) and Alive Power (2x 500 AP) delegations (4 weeks), and Ecency Points (4x 50 EP), in our chat every day.

Very interesting quiz I appreciate it

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