Huge Announcement This Will Change My Life Forever!

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This is my first attempt ever at uploading a video and introducing myself here on 3Speak so if you have any suggestions or tips be sure to drop them in the comments and be sure to subscribe and come with me on this amazing adventure.

One of the hardest but most refreshing things to do is a move. It can be stressful, complicated and down right taxing on your body and mind. I took such a pluge recently as a once in a life time opportunitiy came my way and I just had to act on it!

I'm Moving!

So many wonderful things happened in this house and parting with it was so hard.

My stream and brand grew considerably, working with notable brands like Rocket Mortgage, Nutter Butter, LG, Hersheys, Maybelline and even Miller Lite!

I also experienced a randbox of hair colors from Pink, Purple, Blond and even blue!

But one of the biggest things was adding to the family as I brought home and welcomed into my life my first ever pet Kintla a Karelian bear dog.

So many memories have filled this house and made it so difficult to leave but I now believe this is something I was meant to do.

Walking out of the house for the last time I paused for a moment to reflect on my life and realize the most wonderful miracles happened after I took leaps of faith. This move is a GIANT leap of faith that puts me out of my element but feels so right.

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Oh I can relate to the 'stressful, complicated and down right taxing on your body and mind' business of moving!

Held it together until the love for the back yard at least :)

Congrats on taking the plunge and moving to hopefully bigger and brighter things!

Super excited for it. It felt right and there's a whole new change of content coming. A new chapter in my life that takes me out of my comfort zone but that's where we grow best.

Glad to hear!

A new chapter in my life that takes me out of my comfort zone but that's where we grow best.

So I've heard, still working on it, and probably moving again soon - uncomfortable growth zone let's see ya :)

Awww, Gubba!! It was so emotional, you will miss your house, for sure, but then enjoy the new place. Looking forward seeing it in your next video 😍

Thank you! I'm so excited for it all and loving every moment of it.

Congrats for your moving out! I am sure that you will thrive in your new environment, I bet that your dog will love the new moving! It was so lovely to see how many memories you have created in the house, you have left a lot of positive vibes in there which will remain long after you are gone.

Oh she loves it! She's tired every day and I'm loving the daily challenges. Thanks for the congrats!

i felt to sad to hear that but whatever happen there will anything good in future, i know it's hard time for you, just be strong n positive, something very special comes to you soon. waiting for your next vblog. Best of luck for new journey.

take care...

Thank you! Excited for new adventures!

So emotional but most often we have to leave our comfort zone to experience more from life touches.

We grow best being out of our comfort zone

Excellent job. I like it...

I think i wanna cry with you too. ily, congrats, big things coming to the super gubba.
greetings to father in law XD 😳

Thank you for the congrats! I'm super excited!!!

Good luck on the move, Gubba!! :)

Thank you!

You are welcome!! :) :)

Congratulations: moving to a new place is another opportunity to learn new things and grow. I hope you like your new place .

I'm loving it! Thanks for the congratulations

Good luck on your new journey!

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Thank you! I'm excited for it

Looks like you really love your old place, I understand you have made a lot of memories with the old place, that’s why you are so emotional but c’mon with time it would wear off.

Moreover, I thought I would get to see the new place in the video.

coming soon!

congratulations friend I wish you the best of luck in this new stage of your life ...

Thank you!

Are you moving to a downtown urban area? You sounded like you are going to be missing the privacy of your house.

The opposite lol I have so much privacy now! I moved to a farm house with land, cows and three dogs! I'll be making a vlog about it here soon just need to get settled in.

Sounds perfect :)

Looking forward to the cowpat Frisbee

Oh wow. That’s awesome! Congrats 🐐🐴🐓🐖🐄
I look forward to a farm tour.

Yay! 🤗
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This is the first time I’ve ever watched one of your videos but it felt like I’ve been watching you for years. I love how personable and expressive you are. I don’t think it’s silly to have emotions like this especially if you’ve created so many memories in that home. I’m a sentimental gal as well so I totally get it. 😄

Congratulations on your new endeavors and opportunities and I wish you well on your new journey ahead ~ 😊

Yeah. We grow very attached to our homes. So many great memories.