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Hello again! We are back with more images about the SPK Network. This time we want to share more details about the Liquidity Pools and Miners. These are very interesting topics and are going to be a huge part of the network.

First, we have an image that explains what is a SPK Network Liquidity Pool:


In the next image, we can see how the SIP (Service Infrastructure Pool) can grow with cryptocurrency tokens. DeFi will be a huge part of this.


You will have the option to create your liquidity pool with your tokens, allowing you to reward your community. The SPK Network will have Breakaway Communities.


Last but not least, we have the different types of miners that can be earned by Encoders, CDNs, Validators, and Hosts.


Here you can check the previous posts: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6, 7, 8 - 9, 10, 11, 12.

Illustrations made by @ryzeonline.

More info about the SPK Network:

The SPK Network is a decentralized Web 3.0 protocol that rewards value creators and infrastructure providers appropriately and autonomously by distributing reward tokens in such a way that every user, creator, and platform, will be able to earn rewards on a level playing field.

First app on the SPK Network:


Awesome guys! These illustrations do help us to visualize what's going to happen. Love them!

As always, great work by @ryzeonline.

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That was what I aimed for, glad some of it came through in the final versions. :) Thanks @finguru ! 🙏

Cheers mate. You did a damn good job. ✌

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Hi @finguru, I didn't understand, so 3Speak no longer runs on HIVE, but on a new blockchain called SPK Network?

Yes mate. It will run on SPK Network which leverages Hive for its major functions. ✌️ The whole rewards system is powered by Hive for sure.

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thanks for the clarification

I think there is a gap in my understanding of how liquidity pools work. I will go learn that and come back. Thanks for the links to previous explanations. I really want to understand how the SIP works. I feel like you guys are really on to something important.

Same thing here, some things just get you to understand that there's always more to learn.

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I’ve avoided defi because it feels like a lot of these projects are just Ponzi schemes in that they don’t seem to offer anything of true value and the last one holding the bag is screwed. I know that this is a problem of the projects themselves and not the technology though so I will go and learn more about it finally.

I also wanna assist but indeed it is too complex for me. I just wanna see some steps what tp do and how much etc

I just found a YouTube channel called Whiteboard crypto. They make it really easy to understand.

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As the others say. The drawing is not enough for some of us willing to help/earn/provide liquidity but not sure about the steps to follow....

I think all the links at the bottom are probably the best next steps if you want to learn more. 3speak is the first usable application.... telegram, discord, and AMAs for further inquiry and more information.
@spknetwork - it might be useful to put in big letters; WHAT CAN WE DO NOW? (or something) as a title for the links in the footer. That way people dont feel like they dont know how to act on this exciting information

Woooo! Go SPK go!

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great work yall