Corn silk, not corn sick LOL. Great article!

That was a nice catch! Thanks for noticing 😃

no problem ;)


nice read. Well I would add communicative articles (this is social currency I guess), which trigger people to communicate. There is a great study by mathematician Odlyzko. People back then claimed that content is king. Odlyzko made a research of internet content and network-value and found out that interaction in general is way more important. [Insane Study - old bud gold Odlyzko 2001] Now it has shifted from chatroom to the comment section. When communication is enabled and encouraged, your content (it could be the same piece of content) is much more likely to be shared. A no-brainier I know. PS. shared because of the fancy example with the pub. This works 100% with me. I like examples outside the box :D

@lauch3d I have saved that study in my notes and will read it asap. Thanks a lot for sharing!

I just followed you on Twitter ... You should tweet this post there by clicking on the little grey Twitter bird icon at the bottom right of your post .... You get more Steem if you Retweet with hashtag #posh (Proof of Sharing) and #steem

Yup, I should use my Twitter more, but I am really just getting started. Thanks for the info about #posh btw, wasn't aware of that!

What? I didn't know this!!

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I copy pasted this, so I can read it all over again.. good read.. thanks..

Happy to know it was useful for you!

@luegenbaron that was an engaging and interesting read! 😃

glad to hear :)

Maybe you have followed some or all the STEPPS but you haven't noticed? 😃

This is extremely helpful to me right now as I'm trying to get a Facebook group flourishing.

Also- this should have been taught when I was in advertising in college.

Thank you.

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Your comment just made my day. Happy it helps!

I understand most of the tips but I really don't understand triggers. I get the concept of setting up a trigger for your audience but how? I guess my question is how do you set up a trigger for something like a youtube video?

Hi @soupermedic. That is a very good question. It really does not depend on the channel you use (Youtube in this case) but more on the content of the video.

Another clever example that be found in the book Contagious illustrates this phenomenon. The song "Friday" by Rebecca Black was considered one of the worst songs of all times. However, it got millions of views on Youtube. Studies have shown that the views spiked, guess when? On Fridays. People were reminded of this song every Friday by association, thus even though the song was bad, it gained incredible popularity.

I hope this example made it clearer for you.

Yes, that clears the water for me. Thank you very much.

Very informative & tricky. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks @sjacob. It is a bit tricky indeed, but worth trying nonetheless

You forgot BidBots

I believe promotion is fair when it is paid for. All the rewards of this article are going to the Steem DAO automatically.

I am fine with using bidbots,I was just mentioning Bidbots are a good way to make your post go viral

Oh sorry! I misunderstood your message.