Course Overview -- Entrepreneurial Value Creation in Society

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Entrepreneurial Value Creation in Society

This seminar presents an intellectual framework for understanding the economic and ethical implications of the forces that promote or hinder the creation of value in society. In particular, the topics in this course will examine value creation within the context of four key principles:

  • Competition (a society and its individuals prosper when government policies encourage and promote full and open competition in the marketplace rather than hinder it)
  • Power Balance (a society and its individuals prosper when political and economic power and decision-making in society is decentralized rather than centralized)
  • Free Exchange (a society and its individuals prosper when people are able to freely exchange goods & services; this follows from the fact that whenever two people conduct an exchange of goods or services BOTH are better off, as long as there is no fraud or coercion involved)
  • Alignment of Incentives (government policies that degrade or fail to improve overall societal well-being typically fail because they create adverse or misaligned incentives, at the individual and/or corporate level)

In keeping with the above principles, students will engage in readings, discussions, and periodic interactions with guest lecturers, related to topics such as: individual liberty and responsibility, economic freedom, fairness and equality, justice and injustice, scarcity and property rights, intellectual property, competition and anti-competition, cronyism and despotism, and globalization and free trade. The aforementioned topics will be examined and discussed within the context of governments, institutions, business entities, and consumers, and their collective impact on innovation, entrepreneurship, and advances in societal well-being and human flourishing.

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Purpose of this ‘Community’

This community represents an experiment being conducted by @TrostParadox related to a seminar currently being taught at Oklahoma State University.

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I will be reading all these publications, currently I study anthropology from Venezuela by my own means and I love this type of topics, since I try to place everything in the context of blockchain technology and the societies that are formed with new principles based on web 3.0

I'm glad you are finding this content interesting and helpful.

Our topic this week was "The Current Realities of Socialism around the World". I just wrapped up a discussion session with several students where we talked a fair bit about Venezuela. After I post that content here, I would love to get your feedback on how accurately it matches your experiences and observations.

Happy to see your response, that study is great, Venezuela is a good case study and more than that it is in America.

I am willing to help by giving my opinion.

I must clarify that I do not have socialist bases even though I live here, thanks that I have opened my eyes with some Canadian friends who educated me in other ideological currents.

Wow, what an interesting activity, some time ago I started a similar experience but since steem, before the division, it was called "steem at the university", at that time I did not find support for this project, but this was not limiting in the same way I did it. Sharing blockchain activities at the university, some forums and conferences, this activity is worth highlighting, I did it in the company of another colleague within the university.
The result was some proposals such as creating virtual classrooms on the blockchain with assignment of tasks and which would be rewarded with votes and comments, in addition to extending ourselves. But then the problems in my country became so strong that it alienated the interest of those who wanted to participate because they had to take care of other activities to bring food to their table, in addition to other aspects.
However, there are still a few who are publishing independently.
I celebrate this initiative and its interest, from my point of view it is an experiment that opens a different window to socialize knowledge and in turn motelize it, promoting an economy that is getting stronger every time.
Best wishes to you and your students.
I will be reading a bit to continue learning with you.
Good vibes.

El equipo de curación manual @MinnowSupport y @msp-curation se sienten alegres por compartir buenos deseos por apoyar esta publicación, en el reporte de esta semana.
Buena vibra.