For all the wild bees: The community "Outdoors" are still looking for more to join!

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Hello, all you wild bees! It's merely 1 week ago the new "outdoors" community happened. A place that I created for all of us who like to spend our time with mother nature. I gotta admit I didn't have any expectations for people to join in on it. But against my expectations, it seems that already now we are sitting at a whooping 31 members(Okay you can laugh, but it's better than it sounds!) I am super stoked to see already quite a few people joining in so fast, it just proves we are truly quite a few outdoor enthusiasts on hive! I feel like this little community here is gonna be my way to create something on this blockchain that I also personally can enjoy to the fullest
Alright, 31 might not seem like a lot compared to the 1000 member communities. But we are still new and the early start is always the slowest when it comes to creating a community(trust me, I've witnessed that before). But as activity grows new people will start coming in. Already by those who decided to write a post seem to get quite a bit of activity from other community members in their feed. That's a great beginning!

I am quite impressed by the different people and their creative ways of enjoying the outdoors already. It's awesome!

I would like to add a note on some of the big curation communities such as "OCD" or "gems": They can indeed hand out quite some rewards and of course making my 50k SP look small in comparison. It would be foolish not to acknowledge these tempting rewards they can provide is not direct competition for the growth of smaller communities such as ours. But I am sure we can find ways to make it more attractive here. I did get offered to integrate the community into @travelfeed that would give me access for some additional curation, so that could be something. More on that in another post if anything should happen with that.

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Creating more sentiment to post/cross-post into outdoors community

I believe in order to really get this community going cross-posting has to be utilized by people to use in order to get some activity going. It's a great tool, so why not use it? Of course, it would be amazing to see people directly post here but I get the reason why it is more attractive to be posting currently in other communities such as OCD for the bigger curation. I will, of course, do my best to support through re-blogging & upvoting the posts I personally enjoyed reading. Regardless of it being a direct -or a cross-post. Also, I am looking into other ways to reward our members but that will be a little further in the future.


A few tips and suggestions for our members

Exposure is our number one priority in this early stage. When we as members write about the outdoors it will almost certainly catch a few people to join in on the fun! So because of that, I thought of those who want to help the community to grow a little maybe do what I do:

  1. Remember to make your community posts visible in your personal feed.
  2. Consider putting a link/description of this community in your outdoor-related posts.
  3. Even if you decide to post in OCD or something else, it's still fine to cross-post it to outdoors.(but please, don't spam it!)
  4. If you come across a super cool post about the outdoors you think the rest of us would enjoy, then, by all means, cross-post it to us! Maybe even let the author know you did this. @davedickeyyall was the first in our community to do this and it felt super cool the whole vibe of "hey guys, check this post out!"
  5. Reblog content from the outdoors if you feel like it.
    These are the things I do and I believe anyone could do. It would most likely help tremendously with the growth of the community if many more were doing it. So help if you feel like! If not, that's totally fine as well! :-)

I really hope to see even more people joining in over the coming weeks!

See you in the outdoors!



Well I am not a big fan of cross posting but I will make sure to spread my content as fairly and equally to all those groups as possible ;) Let me now get you a double TipU upvote to increase your curation power a bit more ;)

@tipu curate 2

I am kind of natural when it comes to cross posting. maybe I like it better if people cross post other peoples content instead of their own. nonetheless I let it be up to people how they wish to use it!

Thanks for the tip mate!

I've already pimped the community to a few more people.

Awesome man! :D

This is very good news and people's are getting involvement with the community, due to quarantined its limited to physical contact but virtually all over everyone is in touch, good luck.

We need a banner to add to the bottom of our posts. Free advertising and to many different groups if we each use it.

(posted on behalf of @solcycler, who is out of RC's)

That's a really good idea! Let's look into that!

Great and how about giving out badges to contributors?

Its a start. Biggest thing to remember though is to support each other. Upvotes comments, reblogs whatever it takes. Otherwise people will eventually just leave :)

Yeah in other words show engagement and activity is what will make people come and stay

Was the deal Travelfeed offered a good/fair one?

was not really a deal. Just one of the founders coming with a suggestion. Haven't talked to him since then yet. But the "offer" seemed fair. In essence this community would just be also showing on travelfeed's website= more activity for them. Travelfeed is a super cool project so I would do anything to help them out if it even means also helping us! :)

Agreed, if they'd curate from the community, bonus.