Meet Fur Baby LILI !

Hello #hive-114105 #hiveio , Been a while since my last post here, Was busy work life and work, Trying to find new topics to write about, But since now i got some free time i have decided to write up my post and want you guys to say hello to my new fur baby Lili ^^


A 5 weeks old baby i discovered on my parking lot, Seems the baby lost its mother and she was crying, So finally after long hours of waiting and gaining her trust i have toke her to the vet and made sure she is all good and ready for a nice loving home :)


As she is still small sometimes she run away from hehe cause i am just too big hahah, Which is funny since most of the time i noticed that she keeps staring at me, This was one of the rare moments where she was a bit less shy and decided to jump on the bed for a quick selfie 😀


After couple of days she starts to became less and less shy and more comfortable to the idea of me being around her, So one of the days she just jumped from the couch all the wat to my table and made her self comfy on my laptop :( which is not good cause i need to use it.. But cats seems to not care about ur personal space and just sit wherever they feel 😤


But what can i do, This small sweet baby is still cute i think anything she does i will just give her a pass haha, But shes at her best when shes just snoozing hehe, So i can get some peace time for my self :)



Hows your experince with ur lil fur baby ??



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Awww baby look how tiny she is I love her XD Only 5 weeks D: do you need to get special milk or kitten food for her?

hehe so far i give her some milk and wetfood ! :D till her teeth is strong enough for dry food

haha you big softie 😃. Good on you for taking the little one in and giving a caring home. Says alot

Hahah yeah ! Just couldn't leave her by her self 🤷🏻‍♂️

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my fuzz ball is an adult. She had her first litter of kittens 2 years ago. She had three. sadly two of which have passed away.

The first born Leon still lives today at a relatives home.

Sophia, the mother, stems from an inbred. Sophias brother is also her father. The mother her grandmother too.

Sophia was dropped off to my hands as a youngling by my cousin. very young. she was the smallest of the litter. she stuck to me like glue everywhere I went. climbing up the length of my body to my shoulder every time I made breakfast that winter.

I hope to keep having a longer relationship. She has taught me so much about being patient. And has been great company. She is a continuing inspiration and a great therapy teacher/life coach.

ah thats nice ! i am enjoying this small baby, shes following me everywhere and i am trying my best to play with her as much as i can hehe, sadly they grow fast :)

She is so beautiful! Kudos for taking her in and congrats on your new fur baby ❤️

thank you soo much <3 she is super cute and cuddly :) , i try my best not to squeez her while sleeping haha