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Learning is part of shaping who we are. Since we opened our eyes to this world we began to learn and prepare for life, we began through learning to define our identity and our path to travel. As a species we are where we are thanks to our ability to think and learn, and that ability is what distinguishes us from other living beings and makes us unique.

However, sometimes we forget this, and we think that since we achieve our university degree and define our work activity, in some way we define our life it is no longer necessary to continue worrying about learning, and I consider that to be a mistake.


It is obvious that the day to day teaches us through lived experiences, but I am not referring to that type of learning, but to what is done in a conscious way to grow a little every day, to permanently seek to be a better version from ourselves.

Nor do I mean never leaving formal studies, although it is an option and there are those who live to study. People with several post-doctorates who live by and to learn are proof of this. But it is not necessary to go to those extremes, and it can be something much simpler than it seems, and here are several suggestions to achieve it.


1.- Have an attitude of openness and curiosity. Being open to new ideas or new ways of seeing and / or understanding things is a simple way to expand our horizons, our knowledge, and grow as people. Bearing in mind that there is not just one way of seeing the world but many, and being open to them will allow us not only to recognize them, but to understand them and incorporate from them those aspects that are related to us.

Being a person with a curious attitude is also a good way to approach new knowledge. Recover, if we have lost it, that curiosity typical of our first years of life in which we are always interested in the why and how of things.


2.- Learn from and with others. We are fortunate to live in the age of the knowledge and information revolution. Thanks to the internet we have the possibility to access practically any knowledge, and learn practically what we want.

Being self-taught is easier than ever for those who want to learn. It is enough to type in google or YouTube to access a huge amount of information that we can nourish ourselves with. And if we need help, there are online courses with distance assistance and tutoring programs that we can access. Is there something you always wanted to learn? Well, doing it today is easier than ever, don't wait any longer and give it a try.


3.- Get inspired by the others. Sometimes we have ideas or dreams that seem unattainable and we don't dare to try. For these cases, knowing the experiences of others can be very motivating, and even enlightening.

Those people who achieve great things most of the time were mere mortals like you and me, and knowing their experience can give us that push we need to start learning what we need to achieve that lifelong dream that seems impossible to us. Read biographies, watch documentaries, do research, and you will see that you have in you and at your fingertips everything you need to try it.


4.- Consume better content.Finally, if you are not interested in any of the above, a simple way to learn something every day, and grow in the process, is to consume better content. Stop watching videos of gossip or kittens, and watch videos of more useful things. They can be just as enjoyable and you can learn more from them than you can imagine.

When you're at your housework, listen to podcasts or audiobooks instead of music, and you'll be amazed at how much you can learn while sweeping, cooking, or doing laundry.

Learning new things feeds us, makes us grow, and in the process makes us better people, whether you want to learn a new trade or language, or simply want to expand your knowledge of general culture, the internet gives you the possibility to do so, it is your decision to take advantage of it or not. I suggest you do it, you have nothing to lose, and much to gain in the process.


©bonzopoe, 2021.


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