The Mansion of the Mind

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writing and photos
by @d-pend
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The Mansion of the Mind

I am lost in halls and terraces
Of mind which builds and then destroys its villas;
Which tends unto its gardens and odd blisses,
Its lawns bestrewn with lavenders, perillas,
Sweet nutmeg, trees of citron, orange, lime—
Its columns climbed by ivy, bright with vines
Of marble hewn and crevassèd by time,
Between which wind flows, scented with woodbines
That beckons to behold its vistas grand.

Its majesty which I can scarcely stand;
Its convoluted statuettes and shelves,
Its hourglasses trickling dun sand,
Its portraits of the many, many selves
Who have lived between its walls:
As it rises, so it falls—
The mansion filled with hallways of the mind.

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Original writing and photographs by Daniel Pendergraft
created to be published to the HIVE blockchain

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I love a poem will olfactory references to the sweet south.

Sweet nutmeg, trees of citron, orange, lime—

Somehow reading your poems calms me down. The mansion of the mind reminds me that my two rooms are a great mansion with no limits. Thanks for sharing this and also reminding me of the palace prepared for me.

The question is:

Is anybody in there?

Is anybody home?


Who is the one that cleans this place?

Great poem and love the analogy of the Mind and a Mansion. So true