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My Hive preview photo. DO YOU LIKE IT? So girly LEL

The other week, I mentioned I bought a mannequin to be used for an art installation in October. This is just the twin of another artwork, which I will share in the next couple of days (whenever I feel like it lol). I was lucky I found someone that sells nearby and they had it delivered to me. I would say it wasn't that cheap, but better than paying for an expensive shipping fee and waiting for days.

The Process


The mannequin's default color and face is so weird, I didn't like it. Those mannequins look more elegant if you paint them just a plain color with no weird face at all.

I painted it with a matte black spray paint after removing its lashes. I want it black, like my usual style.


I mean just look at that after I have painted it. So elegant. So avant garde. Lady Gaga be shakin'.

I also appreciated the form more. I realized the sculpt is good, just the painted face (before) fucked it up so you really can't see it. After painting it black, it just stood out.


Next thing I did was cover the eyes. I like that style now lol. I mean, it's more than just a style, it has meaning as well... but I like the vibe and the look that it gives.

I used epoxy for this one. It's the material we usually use back in college and still one of the easiest material to use imo. Clays are probably fun to work with too but haven't really gotten the chance to experiment with them and they are hard to use as well since you need baking, or if it's air-dry type you need to be fast, etc.. In epoxy, you just mix it and wait a few minutes and it will be like a clay so you can mold it however you want (like what I'm doing in the photo) and in a few minutes it will be rock-hard.


I took out some acrylics and painted over it. I didn't cover all with acrylics tho, just wanted to have those nice brushstrokes.


I really like this current style that I have in painting and in this tho. It's like I just found myself again.


Then I painted the epoxy once it dried. Instant sculpture lol. And yeah I lost a lot of weight again so I look like a kid or some shit.


I finished it with a glossy clear coat so it will shine and so the paint will be protected.


This is how it looked like after. :>


She's wearing a kid's patient gown. The funny thing was when I tried the gown on, IT FITS ME. T_T


Me watching all those process videos that I probably won't edit. XD

All these shots were a screenshot of a video process that I will edit at some point. I'm glad at myself I recorded them cos they looked good. :D

That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed some shots of the process.


I used to work a woman's clothing store. When i was there i took home a few of the partial mannequins of the jr., regular, and plus-size models. I was going to do a future art project with them. I later worked at a paint store for residential and commercial paints.

One of the designer paints we had carried was called SandScapes and it had sand in the paint. It dried with the texture and everything. I made one mannequin with the sand and i painted another one to look like a watermelon. I don't have them anymore.... but they were really fun to work on. Yours is super cool with the face as it is. That painting on it reminds me of the one you just finished. Great work!

Were you allowed to take them home??? lol

I've never heard of that paint with a sand. :o Sounds interesting. Also lol why watermelon? Yeah it does sound fun. Were you able to at least show the neighbors your creation?

Hahaha... we had storage for many of the other stores so i 'borrowed' some that were not in use. My boss was aware... but i am sure it wasn't allowed. That sand paint was about 50-60 USD ... but when some would get mis-tinted with the wrong color i would buy the bad gallon and tweak it.

I don't know why watermelon. I think because it was black on it's base... so i made some seeds out of clay when i painted that one. I took the clay off at the end and the seeds were automatic. I didn't get to show anyone except a friend that said i should sell them.

They were only the front section and made for the wall. So they hung really well. I had them on my wall for a while... but i think they got tossed out when i moved to Sweden and all my stuff got condensed down significantly.

i don't know...i am a bit frightened of these mannequins,especially seeing a few of them in the house makes me really uncomfortable...Damned horror movies cause this :)

We are super-friendly :-)

Big hug!
Hivelander The Immortal Mannequin

Haha I understand! I even get mini heart attack when I'm sitting outside the window and when I glance, I forgot I have my mannequin standing there so I be like WHO THE F - then realize it's just the thing.

Movies really make those stuff and hopefully you will be able to overcome that cos that sucks if you have to be frightened forever. :/ Do you have the same feeling with a doll?

Algo extraño ese maniquí

So elegant. So avant garde. Lady Gaga be shakin'.

Hahahha so funny! I like the black matte look!

What did u do to that mannequin?!?!


Hivelander The Immortal Mannequin


Hahahaha! I gave it a new look! You want to have a makeover too? :D

Oky doky... but don't touch my wigs, hahaha!

Awesome artwork!
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It's really nice to see your style on a mannequin!

Thank you! I was happy as well ^^

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It's totally your style. I like the effect in the eyes. It looks like something painted by you escaped from the canvas to the real world 😀

Haha yeah! Glad you liked it! I love how you described it XD

Painting it black really was a great idea! I didn't really think about how long it's neck was until the pic where it's head is turned to the side 😅 I like the brushstroke painting style you tend to have in many of your projects, plus the colorful squiggly lines (which this one doesn't exaaactly have but the colored epoxy on the eyes is like a good substitute).

To be fair, the head wasn't arranged properly in that pic... but yes it's still long. I don't know why, probably shorter necks would look weird? Hahaha. Thanks! I tried to make that squiggly lines here (kinda) LOL but the partner of this one has a lot of those weird lines - which I will show soon. Just thinking of how to present it :D Thanks xves or kris or however you wanna be called :D