Life, an unexpected journey ...



Over the weekend my mother shared with us some beautiful photos of her visit to Monte Verde Park in Colorado USA on WhatsApp. She now lives with my sister in Utah after being forced to emigrate due to the severe crisis in my country. When I see her smiling in the images, I feel great peace of mind knowing that she has escaped the tribulations that those of us left behind suffer daily.

However, sometimes I think about the difficult decision she made since it meant leaving behind a large part of the family as well as the things that she fought for with my father for so many years. I am very grateful in my heart for the noble action of my sister in caring for our mother at this stage of her life, now that our father is gone.

Time passes quickly, a little more than two years have passed and she has made new friends, immigrants like her in a country with a different language, for sure she will have her moments of nostalgia, but that is what life is about, a trip with many experiences and memories. I am very happy for her.

I think I have seen hundreds of photographs, small and picturesque towns, casinos, spas, and rivers; In all of them she smiles and shares her joys in the family network, we also travel through her graphic experiences, that is one of the benefits of this information age.

Curiously, the last site that he shared with us is declared cultural heritage of humanity, although I had already met it in one of my many trips on the internet, the last stronghold or settlement of the ancient Anazasis. The Navajo Indians tell a grim legend of that place: Cliff Palace. Apparently it was the final fortress to protect themselves from some giant cannibals that they unintentionally invoked in one of their religious practices and that in the end, they ended up decorating them in a single night. A somewhat ominous place for my taste ruins between reality and myth.


Due to COVID19 they could not go down to the site and had to settle for the photographs taken with the cell phone from the viewpoint of the park. They plan the next visit when the restrictions on social distancing are fully lifted.


In #hive I act most of the time as a storyteller, so I asked my mother for permission to use the images to recreate some of my next stories. I think it is a good way to continue intertwining our lives through distance, the journey continues between the real and the virtual ...


The photos was taken by my sister Lucy Monzon




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