Urban Photography Contest — Call For Entries — Week 2 — Prizes Worth Above 45 HIVE

Greetings, everyone!

Welcome to Week Two of the Urban Photography Contest!

Photo by @manoldonchev

“I think the environmental movement has failed in that it’s used the stick too much; it’s used the apocalyptic tone too much; it hasn’t sold the positive aspects of being environmentally concerned and trying to pull us out.”
– Edward Burtynsky

The Rewards

are...25 Liquid Hive plus 5 random dCity buildings worth 20 more Hive, 1 building for each participant in Top 5. Provided by @gerber, the game's creator.

These Liquid Hive rewards will be split as follows: 12 for first place, 8 for second, 4 for third, and 0.5 for two more honorable mentions.

I have the desire to give another building here and there when I deem some picture deserves additional attention. That shall remain a surprise.

Topic — Urban Photography

In as broad a definition as you can imagine. If it happens within or around a town or city, it's fine. It is still not rural photography. Although if it's a village house that imitates urban architecture shot up close, no one will be able to tell.

Judging Criteria

The guidelines remain the same as before:

I will use a point system with three major factors, each one with a different multiplier.

Idea or Story x3

(I talk about this often.)

Composition x2

(A basic plus advanced level lesson on this coming soon but not this week either.)

Technical Competence x1

(Two basic level lessons already published recently on my blog, one or two more to go.)

Don't forget, judges are always persons with their personal tastes. Let me give you a hint. I like natural-looking things. But I also like experimentation. I am looking for things out of the ordinary.


One entry per participant per week. A single photo will be judged. If your post contains more than one photo you must clearly indicate which one is the entry.

Stories along with the photos are appreciated.

Other Rules

You must post the entry link in the comments below this post. Nothing else is required. Any initiative of yours that helps with popularity is appreciated. You know, other social media, invitations, etc.


Next Friday at 10:00 AM UTC. Winners will be announced as soon as possible after that.

Do not be shy and don't think an amateur can't win. My amateur period photographs were some of my most successful ones in competitions. Inspiration is what matters and the word "Amateur" comes from "Love of" something.

Good luck and have fun!


Manol Donchev

Signature by @zord189


Hello again! Here's my entry for this week!

The Electric Cable Car and The Biker

Links: Busy / eSteem / PeakD / Hive Blog
Tribes: CreativeCoin / PalNet

Thank you for your entry and welcome again! 10-year-old photos are nice. Almost retro in some aspects ;)

Yeah, they don't have the best quality since the camera was not as good as my latest one but I love revisiting these shots. 😄

Streets - Reflections of the City


Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Full visual Story (14 Photos)

Thanks for joining us again!

I like such initiatives. It makes us think and encourage the sharing of relevant stories 10/10

Here's a quick free-writting and a photo, hope you like:

Glad to see you here among us!


My entry

Really cool way to promote dcity!

Thank you and thanks for your entry!

I'm glad you entered! Did you notice your dCity already? Been there for a few weeks with 5-6 buildings from me as Thank You for being a nice referral elsewhere ;) I wonder how much SIM and random citizens you have accumulated...You need only your Keychain to manage it.

Hi, I am happy to participate in this contest, thank you @trincowski for introducing it to me. Here is my entry https://hive.blog/hive-196308/@starjewel/urban-photography-contest-week-2-manhattan-skyline

Welcome and thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your entry!

Me animo a participar, encantada de mirar fotografías de ciudades.
Dejo mi participación: