Our engagement rings, officially engaged!!

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Today we officially buy and announce our engagement to thr world with these two white golden rings, I'm so happy for that. We met each others three years ago during a beer festival, such a good start, I confess we were not drunk!
Than we had our first date in a park ad after we went to eat together in a nice restaurant on Montvale city, he lived in another province so we met halfway, it was a nice date so we decide to start dating more and more.
After 4 months of dating we start our convivence at my place in the little village of prunetta and now we are close to move in another town, I am so excited.




In these three years we had really great tome together and I truly think we can be a good couple, we have three6cats, two Guinea pigs and his step daughter, she is very happy for our engagement.
We wait that this pandemic became less viral and dangerous (we are both vaccine Ted luckily) for plan our marriage, it will be a great day I ams sure and I am very happy for this engagement!!
We build our future and it's a great work, also if we still have a lot to work for, our jobs, career and a cool house. One day we wish we could buy one and not living by rent. We are a great couple, I truly think we can be a great couple also on the future a better one, I believe we will be better in our elder years, I think it will be the best years for us.
I want to punish the post there because I think it is a truly moment of importance and a sign of an important lifestyle choiche, I hope I'm not going against the community rules, I follow this community with so much pleasure when I open my hive.
Wish us good luck!!


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Congratulations! 👏👏👏😍

Congratulations! I remember your posts where you described your relationship (e.g. baking a pizza together, btw. I'm still waiting for a pizza dough recipe 😉) and it looks like you are creating a great relationship. Good luck!

Thank you, ih ih and we keep baking!!! 💖💖😍

Wow congratulation you guys am so happy for you, indeed you are a great couple.

Don't worry the pandemic will soon leave the country and congratulation to his daughter because she have a new lovely mother.

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Thank you 💖💖

Congratulations! How exciting to be embarking on a new phase of life! Blessings to you and your love! 💜


Big congratulations on your engagement. Great to be in love. Wish you guys more happiness.

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