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I was thinking to write about wildlife because had no idea where should I start. I always had a fascination with exploring wildlife animals and birds. This attraction came from my Dad, from my childhood I saw him working for Wildlife "Save the Wildlife", his office was full of banners, posters with different wildlife animals, and from there I came to know about wildlife. I guess I was 3 years old when my dad started teaching me about wildlife. Fascinating mysterious world, full of fear, different varieties of predators, and prey.


When I was 8 years old, my dad showed me a small cub of Royal Bengal Tiger, she was an only 1-week old furry baby and people killed her mother on spot unfortunately. Still, now many people kill wildlife animals because of different purposes, like for meat, skin, far, horn, tooth etc. The skin of the Royal Bengal Tiger is very expensive and people prey it just for money...

Unfortunately, that furry cub died after two days because she needed her mother, not human.

I don't understand the psychology of those people.

Anyway, let's talk about these white-spotted beautiful deer. I always had a soft corner for deers, maybe because of their mysterious, adorable eyes, maybe because of their nature.



White spotted deer is very popular in Bangladesh, they found basically in the Sundarbans area because of sour leaves, a few can be found at the northbengal area. White spotted deers are native of the Indian Subcontinent so you can see why Sundarban is famous for spotted deers and Royal Bengal Tiger. Their other name is called CHITAL, in Bengali we called it CHITRA.

My dad and Bangladesh Forest Department and Wildlife rescued a lot of spotted deers, Bangladeshi people kill these deers because of meat and skin. I have heard that the meat of these deers is so tasty, I never tasted them at all. Honestly speaking I am against killing wildlife animals, I mean why you need to kill these innocent wildlife animals where you have already several options of food? Just for money and greed!!!


Male Chitals are bigger than females and antlers are only available on males. After a certain time, old antlers fall and new antlers can be seen. Antlers can be used for decorative purposes as well.

I have taken these pictures from Ramsagar, Dinajpur, a district of North Bengal. Most of these deers are rescued deers and later they bred here and made their family here. If you go to Ramsagar, you will see these friendly deers for sure, they are safe there, the government pays for their food and maintenance cost. Mostly, their entire responsibility is taken by the Forest department of Bangladesh.

They are friendly and not afraid of the human at all...


It's like a Safari Park but full of deers. Sometimes, they are taken into different eco-parks, safari parks, or into the forest. This place has become a breeding center of these deers.

This is it for today, see you soon...




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They look like gentle, lovable animals. :-)

They are gentle and lovely. You can go close to them and admire them... :)

Thank you. It's nice to know. :-)

hello dear friend @priyanarc good day
What beautiful and tender images you show us, I love these animals, they are very docile.
Your childhood would have been beautiful with your father, how good that you inherited this passion from him
it would have been very sad when you found out about the death of the bengal tiger
I appreciate very much that you let us know all this information and the beautiful photographs
have a great day

Honestly speaking, I am glad that I found these pictures because here in Ukraine we don't have this gorgeous Chital so whenever I want to see them, I can see this post. They are adorable and they don't create any harm to people but people will never understand that...

There is something about deer that is very innocent. They just look innocent, and seem to have so much fun just frolicking around the field. I'll admit I still get a little giddy too when someone suddenly points to a deer leaping out of a bush. They're cute things.

You are right, that's why I admire them a lot. They have something to attract human I think just like you said...

Unfortunately, that furry cub died after two days because she needed her mother, not human.

It was unfortunate old story. But it was heartbreaking news to me. The hunters always focusing wildlife for specially money. They don't think about wildlife's lives. Finally many species of them are becoming extinct.

I agree with you bro and I think you also know the current situation of the extinction of these wildlife animals, many NGOs are working for it but still, they are unable to stop hunters or people.

Very beautiful photos. The animals are just gorgeous !!!

Thanks, cranium, I guess here we don't have these deers right?

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An attractive work of personal chronicle and information, accompanied by beautiful photos, about these deer specimens. Greetings, @priyanarc.


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