Okay I've liked most of them that you've posted but I like this one more

It's a good one hey? It's righteous, and for a bloke like me it means a lot; it's something I've tried to live by although I'm fallible and have made mistakes. That's comes with the territory of being human I guess...Although I still maintain I'm from a faraway planet.

I hope you're well Rachel, have a good weekend and all.

Ok, the name was a test-run. You know, a name to call you...Doesn't seem right. Maybe Ratbag is more suitable? Back to the drawing board G-dog. 😉😁

I come from a long line of Ratbags (and also parent a trio) so that works XD

I don't actually know if it's a long line as such, I know from stories from their youth that my parents each got up to some interesting things, but I don't know anything much about the grandparents' youth

Let's roll with a long ratbaggy line as I get the impression it works well. If the shoe fits and all. 😉