Think like a Viking: Part eight

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When truth and fairness are different from what is law, better it is to follow truth and fairness.

I have long read the words of the Norse Sagas and Edda's around the fire in the long hall whilst sipping mead from a horn-cup and seem always to find relevant meaning so thought I'd share some with you.

I don't actually have a Viking long hall, but I have a fire and mead so I'm mostly there. Either way, the reading is valuable. Also, I'm putting together a fleet to go raiding in Britain so need warriors and shield maidens; if you're interested apply below in the comments.

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This weeks Viking quote

When truth and fairness are different from what is law, better it is to follow truth and fairness. - Bandamanna Saga

I recall many times in which I had the opportunity to follow along with others even though in doing so I'd be compromising my own moral compass.

As a young kid it probably happened a lot more than in my mid to late teens and beyond; that was when I began to decide my own path, plotted around my own morals and ethics and found those morals more important than acceptance from others could ever be.

It was then that I began to move against the grain in such cases, even though it isolated me from others - A condition I didn't mind as a shy person anyway. I knew what was right and I went that way.

That ethos followed me into my twenties at a time in life when it would have been much easier to simply go with the flow.

I stood my ground though, maintained my personal integrity and held firmly to my morals often at risk of personal harm - At the time I didn't see it for what it was but now I look back and see that I was showing strength of character, courage to be different, and acceptance of the true man I was despite the surroundings in which I operated and the influences of those around me.

It wasn't easy and I was ridiculed for it, initially, then noticed it began to wear off on others meaning people around me took my lead - It was cool to watch. Of course not all did however right about now I'm pleased I found the fortitude to hold to my values because I don't carry the same regrets others are still dealing with later in life.

The Viking quote I've chosen this week tells me to follow my own moral compass when those around me act in a manner that doesn't align with it. This, despite the fact it may set me apart from others, make me seem different and cause isolation or ridicule.

People are entitled to their opinions of me, you included, and their perception will be their reality just probably not the reality. I live in a world with other people and have to make an attempt to fit in however my conscience is my own and I must feel comfortable in myself and my behaviour before I can be comfortable with others - And so I'm happy to follow my own moral compass despite it sometimes moving against the flow.

Coincidentally I read a post today by @jaynie which, whilst not exactly in line with my text and quote above, runs close; it's a good post based around a recent scenario that is still unfolding and worth a read. here.

Now it's your turn...What do you think about the quote above and have you any real-world scenarios in which you've held to it.


A collection of poems based around Norse legends held within two Icelandic books of the 13th-century called the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda. Much of the understanding around Scandinavian mythology derives from them.


A story focused on Norse, Icelandic and Viking history, folklore and heroic achievement - Mostly recorded around the 12th and 13th century.

Spoken not written

Vikings were much more than violent raiders who revelled in battle and conquest. They had a culture rich in story-telling and poetry also; The Viking poet was one of the most respected in society and in the mead-halls of the Viking world they told stories of conquest, the gods, heroes, lovers and history in general. Sagas and Edda's were also passed from father to son and mother to daughter - The collective history of the Viking people passed by word of mouth, not written and recorded.

They had runes and glyphs however these were reserved for ceremonial purposes - They didn't write their history, they told it through the Edda's and Sagas.

Quote power

Quotes are just words but the words form the collective wisdom of those who came before us and a wise person will seek it, determine how it may relate to them, and embrace it.


Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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Appreciate the mention, thank you.

but now I look back and see that I was showing strength of character, courage to be different, and acceptance of the true man I was despite the surroundings in which I operated and the influences of those around me.

Be glad that has not changed :)

You're welcome, it's my pleasure, and thank you J.

I believe in followin your own moral compass too. Questioning authority and laws is necessary as too many bad things were done in the name of authority. It takes great courage though because, as you said, it can isolate you from the group. Better walk alone than in bad company

We have to be comfortable with the path we walk as individuals but these days most want to follow the pack no matter where they happen to be leading.

I suppose I am still building my character, learning how to find my own path.

Till a few years ago, I used to follow others recommendations. Felt that I needed to be lead. That people who are smarter than me, or earn a lot more than me, knows better than me.

Slowly, I realized that most people are lost. And don't know what they are doing. Whether they are going in the right direction or not, they don't even know.
That's when I decided that I need to find my own ways.

It's funny that most people have a solution to my problems, but they don't know what they need to do about theirs.

Maybe people are happy to show others the path they don't have to walk on.

Hopefully, I will learn in the future to stand my ground😅

There's a lot of people out there happy to promote to others about what they should do in their lives but are unable or unwilling to do it themselves. So many of them are just as fractured and broken as the people they are trying to help as you point out, or simply have no clue.

I'm not sure where it comes from but these days with social media and all, people's need for validation, I guess they use it as a way to increase their feeling of self-worth...I think that can't be found externally though. Unsolicited advice is never welcome in my life.

Walk your own path. Sure, find assistance along the way, but make sure it comes from the right sources and that you've determined how best to assimilate that assistance/advice/recommendation into your own life. What fits one may not fit another.

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I like that quote.

Okay I've liked most of them that you've posted but I like this one more XP

Okay I've liked most of them that you've posted but I like this one more

It's a good one hey? It's righteous, and for a bloke like me it means a lot; it's something I've tried to live by although I'm fallible and have made mistakes. That's comes with the territory of being human I guess...Although I still maintain I'm from a faraway planet.

I hope you're well Rachel, have a good weekend and all.

Ok, the name was a test-run. You know, a name to call you...Doesn't seem right. Maybe Ratbag is more suitable? Back to the drawing board G-dog. 😉😁

I come from a long line of Ratbags (and also parent a trio) so that works XD

I don't actually know if it's a long line as such, I know from stories from their youth that my parents each got up to some interesting things, but I don't know anything much about the grandparents' youth

Let's roll with a long ratbaggy line as I get the impression it works well. If the shoe fits and all. 😉

Beautiful and so very needed during this crazy time in the world where honourable stands need to be made against the shit that is currently going on in the world.

I have a very real life case that happened many years back. The sector I worked in was under investigation for some things (my manager had started a rangers squad that tackled poaching and environmental crime because the law enforcement were rather useless at that - well they thought that because the rangers wore camo and carried pepper ball guns that they were building an army for a coup - insert eye roll here - anyway) they found that all the peace officers cards that had been issued to the conservation staff had been issued illegally and by a staff member in the law enforcement sector that had actually been suspended making the appointment cards illegal.

We were instructed by the top brass (who I was not a fan of) to continue using the cards until the issue was resolved. I completely disagreed with this because it meant that any arrest would be illegal and that anyone that was arrested for environmental crime would then be able to institute civil claims of liability against the person that arrested them for unlawful arrest in their personal capacity. I was not willing to arrest anyone unlawfully and take personal liability for this and I penned a letter to this effect to this lady. I then cut up my Peace Office card and placed it in an envelope with the letter to surrender it as well as making it impossible for anyone to use my card illegally in a fraudulent manner.

I don't even think it occurred to this woman that her instruction to continue using an illegally issued peace officer card was exceptionally dangerous and very irresponsible. Let's just say that she was extremely unimpressed with me and that was how I started painting a target on my back - because I took a stand to protect myself and others who didn't think about the implications - and I also wasn't impressed that I was probably the only one who thought about this in accordance with the criminal procedures act which holds rather nasty penalties for illegal arrests.

Anyway, not much happened to her through this whole thing and she's still sitting on her throne of power, but I eventually had to leave, I loved the work but I wasn't going to be a part of the circus.

To this day, I don't regret my actions.

And I also have a few drinking tankards. Still working on the hall lol. Skol.


target on my back - because I took a stand

And there it is...The personal risk one takes when standing tall, taking a stand and following one's personal morals in a situation where it seems easier not to. It sets that person apart in my opinion, but also sets them apart from those keen to capitulate on their morals through lack of self-respect or courage.

There's always implications for taking a stand...Consider those in the French Revolution - The implication? Death. Consider those fought for independence [1775-1783], those who took a stand in Nazi Germany...History is full of them...Those who take a stand and accept the implications for doing so.

I'm a take a stand sort of chap, as are you...But you're not a chap. :)


A great quote - thank you for sharing it, @galenkp. I've also been a follower of my moral compass from an early age, and applaud you for sticking to yours.

Ben and I can help on out with your raid - he's a Manx Viking and I'm a Welsh Wench 😄


Best way to be I think, keeps ones conscious clear.

Also, great! I've put your names down for the raids, the plans are really coming together now, shouldn't be too long before we set sail.