Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble- Windy Night Windy Morning

Good Morning all you Hivers,


Sunday morning solitude. It's been a windy night with the waves making much noise as they crash against the shoreline and this morning it continues with the same behaviour. We don't have a boat going out today so it's not a worry I have. The breeze is a pleasant respite from the heat and my coffee is HOT and STRONG and BLACK. It's a nice morning.


Yesterday I managed to catch up on some paperwork and track down some glaring errors in the income and expense sheets and even had a bit of time to hit the punchbag, which is always good to do, but in the afternoon i found myself completely wiped out, tired and no energy whatsoever. When I got home my wife felt much the same so I skipped watching the F1 qualifying and was asleep very early. Feel much better for it today. I'd like to watch the race( and stay awake for it) tonight with @diveratt so I am hoping I am not feeling the same later today.


So whats's the mundane plan today? Hmm well process some certifications for the dive students, consume vast amounts of the black elixir of life, kick 10 barrels of shit out of the punchbag and generally try not to go mind numbingly insane. pretty normal day then!


I do have people popping in and out all day so i am not totally alone the whole time. I will have Instructor phil in and out all day as he will be educating the Chinese masses on the nuances of speaking English with a thick geordie accent as he's from Newcastle UK. Why do all english teachers in china have very broad accents, geordies and scousers. I just imagine some kid in China with a scouse accent saying "Ello my names Wei and I've been in loccchhhhdowwwwnnn in WUhannn." Or speaking geordie "Wai aiii mann China's a canny big place like!" The world's gone or continues to be as mad as ever.


On that rather daft note I'll be off to drink more coffee and try to stay relatively sane


Stay safe out there people wherever you may be on the planet and take care




Drink more coffee !!!!! I'm looking forward to the F1 tonight, and the huge difference having no party mode made to Quali.