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RE: Gardening on a slope part 3: Moving the chicken tractor

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The reason we developed the wheel system was A: to allow the coop to sit flush on the ground to keep larger predators out and B: to keep the smaller birds in. But we found that with the wheels engaged, the smaller birds would head for the light under the edges. To stop that I took old inner tubes, cut them to the right width, and firmly stapled them to the bottom side, inside. When the coop was lifted by the wheels, they fell down, blocking the light.

New pasture coop - roosts inner tube crop June 2015.jpg

Hope you get some bigger wheels on the coop. Using rollers seems a bit labor intensive.


The small wheels and rollers are labor intensive, but it still only takes about 5 minutes to move, and I only use this for getting it up the hill. Once it's moved I up to the top of the yard (about 3 more moves), I won't have to use the rollers any more, and I'll be able to leave these small wheels in place until I have babies in here. I like the idea of the inner tubes, but I'm worried it will exacerbate my drag problem.

It didn't here, with the bigger wheels.