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*Kind of looks like a face doesn't it?😁😁

So, the overflow pipes are installed permanently now with mortar. There will be one more short layer of stones across the top, but they will have nothing to do with retaining water, and will be above it. They will be the stones that support the walkway across the dam.


With this milestone achieved, there are a few new areas for me to focus on.

1. Lining the reservoir to water height with a good thick lining of waterproof blue clay(which is free for me since we have it in abundance here).

2. Finalizing my decision on which brand of turbine I will use, it's size based on Watt production, and it's exact location.

3. Designing, and building a small shed to house the turbine and all it's associated parts and systems.(This entire task has been delegated to my 11 year old boy, who has already began the planning stage by building a materials and a tools needed list.πŸ‘ Great job so far Evan!


  • A beautiful sideview of the dam.😁


Upon the completion of this huge step in the dam building process, I decided to take a short break as a means of giving myself a reward, and a bit of a celebration period for my hard efforts. This is a normal thing to do with almost all victories and major accomplishments that people have in life, but...

These times of celebration and relaxation must be used carefully for I believe many people get caught in them, and they stagnate. It is important when we reach a major milestone, and take a break to relax and celebrate, that we have in our minds already set our next goal or achievement we wish to reach.

For building a house does not go well if, after installing your roof and walls, you take a break to enjoy your accomplishments...and don't soon get back to work.

Too often in life I see people who have achieved a certain level and they no longer makes any moves in any meaningful way to better their life, their community, or the world around them. Of course the ways the society, culture, and the fast pace of everything going on around us definitely does not help with allowing us a lot of time for ourselves and the things we wish to do...and it has a way(almost like it's intentional)of wearing us down and exhausting us.

But we must each push through that, and not allow ourselves to fall completely into the endless rat race. And we must definitely be mindful that the powers to be know us well, and know we will take our breaks and want our celebration and relaxation times, and they will happily cater to your whims and long as they can continue to eat your free time up, and keep you in that relaxed(or taking a break) state your in.


So take your breaks, and celebrate your victories by all means!!! You deserve to. Just be mindful of the time you spend doing it, and don't become complacent in your position.

I suggest maybe giving what I do a shot... Understand that upon the completion of your achievement, that no break or celebration will take place until the next set of goals to achieved are line out and on paper. I speak them out loud into the universe as well so that it will know my intentions and we can work together to bring them to fruition...I then set an exact amount of time for my period I rest. Whether it's a day, or a week. I set the date I will get back to work.

....Then, and only then do I begin the celebrations of my accomplishments, and enjoy my relaxation time.

From our little spot on this great loving planet, to wherever you are reading this now, we send our love to you all. We wish you all the best and send our best vibrations out to you all. As always, thanks so much for your time today, and for all the love and support you all throw our way!πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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I envy you your water source! The dam looks good, and elevation is power.

I like you including your Son, he'll remember that for the rest of his life!

You might use a ram pump to raise the 'used' water for house and garden water.

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Hey there dear friend!πŸ€— The water source and everything about it had a lot todo withmy selection of property. Next was the available food sources, plant and animal. Followed by level of seclusion and defendability. And then the availability of natural medicinal plants. And my boy has been involved in almost all aspects ofus building. It's a large part of his upbringing and homeschooling. For knowing all math, english, science and so on does no good if one cannot feed and shelter themselves. We built a ram pump when we .first moved out there...but I did the math wrong, and our feed pipe was slightly too small to feed the pump. I did a pist on it, and I'll share the link in case you want to read.

I'll read it, ram pumps interest me! Glad he's included, it's good for him to be tasked with something important. I have steady wind off of the lake, which will give me about 600 watts with the average wind speed. Large oak trees add their shade to drop my Local temperature by about 10 degrees. I'm enjoying the posts, keep on prepping!

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Dam... that is a dam nice dam! Good job on that! Also that advice about achievements and celebrations is golden!

I'm glad you liked the dam and the advice. Hopefully, all of it will be helpful to my kiddos.πŸ€—

Great progress mate and yes we all need a break after most accomplishments.