Laying the foundation for a permanent hunting blind

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My experience with hunting blinds are usually tents set up you sit in and wait for the deer or whatever you are hunting to walk by. They can be muddy, wet and cold and leaky. The sides flap against you when its windy and can be quite noisy when gusts or rain are hitting the outside of the hunting blind. So you basically need to dress like you are outside when in those blinds.

We decided to build a nicer hunting blind that we can be more comfortable in. These are also known as "shooting houses" sometimes, set up by where wild game commonly walks by. With the fields seeded with plants deer tend to eat, this area will be a prime feeding location for deer and other game animals. We build it up high, which tends to help not be noticed by the deer. We will also put lights up shining on the fields going all night long to adjust them, then the spot lights will give us cover at night so the deer cannot easily see us through the windows. So lots planned, but first we must build out the foundation.

We will be building it in a similar way to how the duck and chicken house was constructed. The walls have already been prefabricated in the workshop. Now I just need just to pour concrete for posts. Build the base and attach the walls together and anchor to the base of the structure.

We start by filling up the 55 gallon water barrel and use it to add water to the wheel barrow as needed. We carry buckets up the retaining wall, in a spot where a small foot path was made. It takes a few dozen trips to bring enough water for the concrete.

I had a bunch of 8 foot 2x6's so we will double them up to make a 16' long foundation by 12' wide. For a hunting blind, this thing is going to be huge.

With nine poles holding up the frame it should feel quite stout. We bury them 2 feet deep and that will give us 3 feet above ground to attach the base of the building.

My foreman brings by the concrete on the skid steer and lifts it up high to place it where we are working.

That concrete will only fill half the holes, we will need to get more before the day is done. Keeping most of it inside just in case it sprinkles or rains on us. So we keep moving while the bags are out in the open. They were calling for rain that day, just luckily it just diverted at the last minute away from us.

Eventually we get to cementing the last few poles, and now we wait for them to cure. Then we can start building the base of the building.

As the sun goes down we complete the first part of the project, soon I will get some 2x6s framed and I can start building the base of the structure. With that complete then the walls can go up, and finally the roof, side panels, door and windows. Looking forward to having a comfy building to sit in when hunting, especially when the weather is bad. It will be very nice having shelter.


The structures you have created to build the new house are truly fascinating. Building a residential home is a lot of fun. Where thousands of families can live. All the activities here are very similar to the nature of the village and diverse. Thank you very much for running this wonderful talent filled program. Also we are proud to present this extraordinary nature among us. May God always bless you with all your abilities. I hope you will do your best to make this wonderful activity clean and homely. I pray to my Lord that this good deed of yours will be successful. May God always bless you and your family with beautiful healthy days. Some of your great deeds always benefit people. May the creator of this great mind make it more lively, Amen.

Glad you liked the post, I will write about it more as updates come along.

This is a great investment to build a shooting house shelter, from what you can see it will have a large surface area, from what I read you have a good plan, and without a doubt you will have good results, with a little luck and good aim.
I love the updates you are making. I wish you much success dear friend @solominer

Thank you, yeah I think it will pay for itself with all the wild game harvests we will get. I have seen deer back there a lot so looking forward to getting to sit out in the building once its completed.

You have so many cool projects all over your land. It is so cool watching your dreams come to fruition.

Thanks man, glad you are enjoying watching the progress made here.

I have a friend who used to have a pretty fancy shack to shoot from. It was smaller than this, but still quite nice. I think he even had power running out to it if I remember right. He would spend a good deal of time out there during hunting season.

Ah nice, yeah this on is on the larger side. Should be enough space to nap in and be comfortable for hours waiting for deer.

Wow congratulations. This has been one of my dreams but no fun but I believe one day I will make it up. Weldone boss

Ah I feel ya, glad I can finally build things not directly related to the farm.. more of a fun thing to do.

Wow this is a great investment to build the shooting house. The project is too good and big. Hope you will get lot of success buddy. !!

Thanks much, it should be pretty cool.

Wow! I learned something new again today! I'm looking forward to your post!!!

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Ah glad you enjoyed my posted and learned something from it.

This is a good project, man, it looks like you've thought of everything. But because everything has been thought out, it's going to be a tiring and long project. I hope it looks great when it's finished, I can't wait to see it.

It should be a pretty cool building when its all done. Thanks, will do a post on it again when I make some more progress.

I almost missed this update!
My man this is turning out to be one epic huge project and I love seeing it all come together. Keep up the hard work it's really shaping up.

This will be very interesting to see how it turns out. Btw, how high are you planning to make it? One of the sides looked like a dense foresty area. Looking at the base, it looks like it could serve as a nice watch tower. Very interesting, brother!

Oh, btw, have you hunted with bows?

Of course the structure of this development is very good. And when we look at the strategic location and it seems quite comfortable for us to live there. Moreover, having lots of plants there certainly makes the air fresher.

I haven't been good about following along with your build progress - everything kind of went pear shaped after my surgery and it's been one chaotic week into the next - but now that I'm finally getting a little more time it's super cool to see how far the property has come since I last checked in January!

MUahhhha i knew it! The Ducks and CHicken Army to rule over the world is slowly starting to assemble!

Yooo those cages looking like some hunger games monter trap.

BUt zamn, those are some big and heavy machinery. About half of them i haven't seen before. Especially the Forklift on steriods.

Also, Barrels Barrels Barrels.