Processing firewood and a little chill time

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It has been a few weeks since I wrote about my firewood collection, its a near daily task. Sometimes I spend an hour collecting wood, others most of the day.. Just depending on what the weather is like at the time and how I feel. I line up all the larger pieces so they are easier to cut.

Recently a power utility crew came through and trimmed back the trees by the power lines on their easement on my property, this gave us a lot of wood to pick up and use for the furnace.

It may be hard to see but the entire power line cut is filled with tree branches with the cutting they did.

We load up the UTV and bring it back to the homestead.

Back near the workshop we cut up some large logs, these are pretty wet so we will need to dry them by the barn for a few weeks before we try to burn them. But when ready they will make for some great firewood coming from a hardwood Oak tree.

We collect smaller wood down by the creek and bring it up to cut it by the barn, some of it we will store and others we will burn right away.

I have been building up a nice stack of smaller firewood branches, whenever I find a large branch that is over 8 feet long I pile it up. So when the weather is bad I can just pull from that pile instead of going out in the bad weather looking for firewood.

We have a collection of small, medium and big firewood. Need to collect more of the big stuff. Most of that comes from the cow farm my foreman works on part time. Most of the trees on my property are pretty young, so once in awhile my foreman brings a load of large tree trunks we can cut into pieces for firewood.

He uses the backup Craftsman chainsaw and I use my corded Sawzall. My Stihl chainsaw is having some problems starting up, so we have to use the light weight Craftsman. Its not designed for commercial use like the Stihl, but slowly we cut through everything with it. Need to figure out what is wrong with the Stihl or take it to a small engine mechanic. I already checked the spark plug for corrosion, checked the air filter and made sure the engine was not flooded.. It wont even burp when the choke is on during the first few pull so something seems clogged. Not really sure, need to look into it more. But for now the Craftmans seems to be holding up.

Time to relax:

We wrapped up the day with a blunt made from my Sour Diesel grow and some nice rolling papers.

The taste is great, it has had months to cure and now all the flavors are just right. The tobacco leaf added flavor and effect as well.

I sat back and enjoyed a nice blunt my foreman rolled for us.

We passed it back and forth until it was mostly gone and just down to the tobacco in the front of it.

Brothers Broadleaf is the maker of these tobacco rolling papers, really tasty and much better than the backwoods we tried last time.

It was really nice sitting back after a full day of firewood collection and enjoy a blunt. Extra special when rolled from something I grew, so it was a good day. Looking forward to trying more blunts rolled with these new papers.


You are doing amazing job. Weldone. Is not easy to pack and move all this firewood to your home. Hope the distance is not too far from your home?

Thank you, most of the wood I collect is pretty far from the homestead. But we have vehicles so move it all so its not too bad.

Nothing beats a chill day on the homestead Enjoy it. You've done one hell of a job on the project so far.

Yeah man, working hard calls for some good relaxing time.


Excellent planning to find and store firewood in your barn, I hope you can repair the Stihl chainsaw, with that machine you will be able to do a better job in less time, especially for larger logs

What a good way to end the day, sharing a cigarette from your production with your foreman.

You are doing an excellent job storing firewood dear friend @solominer

have a great weekend

Thank you, I hope to get it working again soon.

Hehe yeah its important to share..

You too

btw i'm curious how the taste of that tobacco 🤣

Honestly I cannot really say, I mostly use a dry vape for cannabis. So when I smoke it the flavor can be a bit over powering. I think I could taste the tobacco though.

The flavor of the Sour Diesel is great though.. had a pepper like flavor.

isn't the taste of pepper quite spicy and sharp!! This means that you are very skilled at managing it so that the pepper tastes better👍😁

Eventually you are going to need to start having truck loads dropped off! That's what we used to do when I was a kid. Then Dad would cut the logs and split them and we would move them. I hated it, but even to this day I can haul an armload of wood like a boss!

Yeah I have been thinking about that. I know a tree trimmer that may be able to arrange that for me. He already drops off mulch but I am sure some logs can be possible too.

Hehe yeah I can see as a child how that could not be very fun, but indeed it can make you quite strong.

I wish I had the one picture I am thinking of to share with you. This truck would drive down a side road that ran parallel to our property and just unload the logs with a big arm. The pile would be probably 12 to 15 feet high at the peak and 20 feet long.

After a hard work and heavy day to finally take the time to smoke a good joint, they really did a good job piling the wood, the winter season over there is very strong and they will need a lot of wood to keep warm, the good thing about wood is that it turns into charcoal and it can last for many hours.

Yep sure is.. thanks man yeah it does get quite cold so its important to keep a stack of wood around.

That blunt was so well deserved after a full day of hard work, lol!

Sure is, a nice way to wind down for the day.

Getting woods may be a lot of hardwork but sitting, relaxing and smoking a blunt at the end of the day is a good way to be calm
I love that!

Lots of hard work needs to be rewarded with some relaxing that that is for sure.

What an extraordinary activity I did. And to choose firewood like in this place, of course we can definitely find lots of firewood. Moreover, we use a machine to cut the wood there, of course that is something that makes it easier for us to do it.Enjoying tobacco is certainly something I do regularly every day.Hopefully when we can meet someday we can enjoy tobacco together. 🙏👍🍻

Excellent day, all the work you do on your property looks very pleasant, it must be exhausting I imagine, but it really looks nice from the perspective of your publication. Excellent way to close the day.