Vacation At The Beach And Garden, Bring It On!

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I guess there's no one who do not like going on vacation, even if it's for few days. We all need it as it has lots of benefits it offers to our overall well-being. I love being around nature and the beach, the riverside plus the garden are the perfect spots for having a fun, exciting and enjoyable vacation.

At Port Harcourt Pleasure Park

Imagine taking a walk around the garden at dawn, admiring the flowers while taking in their beautiful scents, listening to the melodious rhythm of the birds as they fly from one place to the other. And then looking up through the trees, you feel the dazzling sun rays shinning bright on your face. The feeling is breathtaking and that's why I love it. I wouldn't mind spending the whole day in the garden, losing myself to it, communing with nature and taking in everything that it has to offer me. And when I feel a bit tired, the grasses will gladly welcome my but because they know that once I get seated, the next thing I'll likely do is to stroke their leaves. Funny, right? 😅.

Although I'm aquaphobia and do not have an inkling about swimming, I still love the beach, or riverside because that's where you experience a total connection to nature, a sense of peace, and a feeling of freedom. Infact it's magical.

The sound of the waves, the warm sun, the usual cool breeze and walking on the sand help relax the mind and body. Not only that, the rhythmic waves and calming atmosphere of the ocean is enough to spark one's imagination and inspire creative thinking.

How about the fun activities like jogging, strolling along the river bank, building castles on the sand, dancing or playing any type of game etc., all these promote fitness.

Although I've not been opportune to go on vacation at the Santorini, Greece and Zanzibar, Tanzania beaches or the Butchart Gardens, British Columbia, Canada which are my dream spots and I just hope I will one day. But I have visited one here - Ibeno beach, Eket in Ákwá Ibom State.

The first time I went solo and the experience was unforgettable. Since I didn't plan on getting into the water because just like I said, I can't swim so I was just playing on the sand, picking shells and the rest.

It's been years now but I still kept them.

I only managed to get to the bank some inches into the water to take this photo, and I rushed out immediately as the wave was coming, hahaha.

At Ibeno beach

The other time I went with friends and it was fun and more fun but they did something that scared the life out of me. While I was doing my thingy on the sand, one came from behind, lifted me off my feet and I thought he wanted to swirl me around or something like that but the next thing I saw myself in the water. Oh my spirit left me as I cried out, the way I rushed out you will think that something was pursuing me and all I could get from them was hilarious laughter. It wasn't funny, though but I was just helpless. Apart from that frightening experience, it was a memorable one with my crazy friends as we enjoyed the fresh sea foods, so yummy, the coconut water drink which was so cool and refreshing and played lots of fun games.

The essence of going on vacation is to find a getaway to help reduce stress, depression and anxiety and being around the beach, the riverside and the garden do just that as they are perfect mental health booster.

Thank you for reading.

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These reminded me of many childhood holidays and also my wife and my visits to beaches. Both of us love water but don't like to get into it. In my case it is not so much fear alone (though I still don't know swimming) but rather the fact that water bodies near the cities are very dirty :( So when we go with friends to the beach they all want to jump into the water. But we just love to laze below the coconut trees and enjoy some coconut water, reading and talking. I do like to go to as many major bodies of water as possible. To date I have seen and touched the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, English channel, and Pacific Ocean. I hope my life is full enough that I will see all the other seas and oceans before I move on.

btw I love the photo of that little girl enjoying the water :) Who is she? ;D

Cheers from a fellow #dreemerforlife

but rather the fact that water bodies near the cities are very dirty

This is so true that's why I don't fancy getting into pools. First time I tried getting in there didn't go well so I'll just sit back and watch others swim.

Just like you, I hope to see other beautiful beaches across the shores of my country.

Hmmm, the coconut water, my favorite 😋

btw I love the photo of that little girl enjoying the water :) Who is she? ;D

Did you say little girl, oh my world, The face and smile should have told you who, hehehe

Hey, it is not my fault if you look like a big little girl in that pic, all happy being on holiday :) Honestly, that is a very good pic. One can see true delight in that photo


The way you talks about the natural environment, it sounds like heaven on earth which is it is hehe.

I do hope that you get to have your dream vacation someday, and when that happens do not forget to bless us with all the sweet photos.


You know God made the earth beautiful so we can enjoy a fulfilling life but we have hurt and caused it pain such that it bleeds..

Of course I will, hehehe.

Hahaha these are beautiful memories. You look so beautiful in those pictures. I think we would all love to see more pictures when you get to go on your dream vacation.


Of course I will share them, thank you.

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beautiful memories of walks, rest and fun in all those trips.


They are indeed Thanks for being here

Totally loved it!! It sounded so relaxing and fun ❤️❤️

Thank you 🤗

I love Beach. The breeze their is one of a kind. Not just your body but your soul got refreshed. The closeness of one to nature is superb. It's obvious that you are having an awesome experience as expected. Cheers!!!


Beach experience is always a memorable one. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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You are welcome.

I've never really been to the beach. The last time I went, according to my mom was when I was about 3 years old. There's no particular reason why I haven't gone since I became old enough to do somethings on my own. I haven't really felt like going to the beach. You really love the beach, don't you? I didn't see you while you were making the post but it sounds like you were thrilled to tell us about your experience on the beach. A beautiful post dear Luchyl💕

You are right, beach experience is always fun and I think you should try visiting it someday. You will enjoy it, I tell you.
Thank you.