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in THE 1990s4 years ago

I am linking this conversation to my blog. So, I am invading your privacy because I link to your blog. You need to understand that I am murdering and killing and destroying your privacy when I talk about you in my Hive Blog, in my journal, in my diary, in this post entry, right now, I am stealing your privacy. You need to see how bad of a person I am for taking away your privacy. I am NOT protecting your privacy. So, this is NOT about me and my family but about you and me. I talk about YOU. I hope you know enough English to know what YOU means. That means you.

Dear Arnold, you have never violated my privacy.
Arnold is a good person.
I am not unpleasant if you link our conversation to your blog. I just wanted to talk to you.
Did what I said unpleasant you?

 4 years ago  

If something is already public, then it might not be private. So, if you say that something that might be public is private, then you might be inaccurate. That is what I'm trying to tell you. Also, if I want to show you a photo of myself, can I? But what if other people are in the picture? Do I have to edit them out of the image? Do I have to hide their faces to protect their privacy?

Dear arnold, I understand! I misunderstood your will. I wanted to be friends with you.

 4 years ago  

You are my friend. I am not mad. I am just trying to tell you how complex the situation is because sometimes you have to do things that other people do not like. So, some people do not like some of what I do. And we can talk all day about different things. Some of what I do might be bad or might be risky. It might be dangerous. It might many different things. It might hurt people. But it might also help people too. And that is the confusing thing as life is not binary. Life is not always simple. Life is nuance. Life is full of puzzles. I do crazy things. I understand what you say. I just want to make sure you also understand what I'm trying to say. I'm not going to say that I'm always right. But I am trying to do things to help people. I'm trying to do many different things at the same time. I try to simplify things. Also, you talked about some things that might be private or might not private. Some of the photos, videos, art, drawings, writings, etc, many different things, of myself, of family and friends, of other people too, etc, may or may not be private or public or both. Some of it may have been published by me and by them and by other people. Some of it is from a long time ago. Some of it is historical. And history is educational. So, it can help people. Also, it overlaps with my life and I want to talk about my life. It is hard to talk about your life when your life relates to other people. What if my dad wanted his last name to be private? Does that mean I cannot tell you my last name? If I say my surname, my family name, is ARNOLD, then maybe my dad will say that I invaded his privacy. Because maybe he does not wanted anybody to say ARNOLD. But you said ARNOLD. So, then I would have to walk around with no surname. And that is only one example of how crazy it is. I look like my dad. So, if I share a photo of my FACE, then I might be INVADING HIS PRIVACY because I LOOK LIKE MY DAD. So, perhaps he does not want people to see HIS FACE. But when people SEE ME, they SEE MY DAD. So, that means I CANNOT SHOW PEOPLE MY FACE. Because then PEOPLE SEE MY FATHER. I can make up and created up these examples all day. Because life is complex. What is and is not private is confusing and also sometimes not important when compared to more important things. I am trying to tell you many things at the same time. There is always more I want to say regarding the fourth amendment and other things and I don't even have time right now to talk about what Facebook and others do that is very bad on top of many things, to be continued, thanks for reading with oatmeal on top.