Chasing Horizons A Day of Discovery from Dawn to Dusk

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Hello everyone

As the clock struck 6:00 p.m., we bid adieu to the tranquil beauty of Nai Thon Beach, embarking on the next leg of our journey towards Sarasin Bridge. This significant bridge stands as a vital connection between the mainland of Phang Nga Province and the flourishing island of Phuket. While Phuket maybe just a small island on the map, its rapid development has propelled it into the limelight as a prominent tourist destination in Thailand.

As we drove towards Sarasin Bridge, the landscape shifted, showcasing the blend of modern development and the island's natural allure. Phuket, with its picturesque landscapes and rich resources, has grown into a sought-after destination. The bridge, spanning the waters that separate the two provinces, serves not only as a physical connection but also as a symbolic link between mainland Phang Nga and the thriving island of Phuket.



Phuket's rapid transformation into a tourism hub is evident in its bustling development. However, the significance of Sarasin Bridge goes beyond infrastructure. Annually, it becomes a focal point for an event that celebrates the relationship between Phang Nga and Phuket. This gathering is a testament to the shared history and interconnected destinies of these neighboring provinces.

The event at Sarasin Bridge symbolizes unity and collaboration, fostering a sense of community among the people on both sides of the bridge. It's a moment when they come together, acknowledging and celebrating the ties that bind them. This annual occurrence reflects the spirit of camaraderie, emphasizing the importance of connection and understanding between regions.



The lively event at Sarasin Bridge draws a diverse crowd, attracting both locals and tourists alike. The sides of the road are adorned with a multitude of restaurants, offering a tempting array of choices for everyone's taste. The air is filled with the aroma of various cuisines, creating a vibrant and enticing atmosphere.

As people traverse the bridge, they encounter a lively scene unfolding in the middle of the walkway. Tables and chairs are strategically placed, providing a communal space for individuals, families, and friends to sit and savor the culinary delights on offer. The bridge transforms into a shared dining area, becoming a focal point where people gather to enjoy good food and company.



The journey along Sarasin Bridge unfolds like a visual feast, with numerous picture-perfect spots enticing both citizens and tourists to capture memories. However, the popularity of these spots creates a unique challenge – the difficulty of snapping a photo without unintentionally featuring someone else's picture.

As visitors traverse the bridge, each scenic backdrop seems to beckon for attention. From breathtaking views to iconic landmarks, every step offers a potential frame-worthy shot. Yet, in the midst of this photographic allure, the sheer volume of fellow enthusiasts poses a delightful predicament.



For those seeking the most picturesque spots, patience becomes a virtue. Long lines form at the particularly beautiful locations, where individuals and families eagerly await their turn for that perfect snapshot. The buzz of excitement in the air reflects the collective anticipation, as each person in line envisions capturing a moment that encapsulates the charm of Sarasin Bridge. The challenge of avoiding inadvertent photobombs and the wait times at popular spots only heighten the sense of camaraderie among the crowd. Shared smiles and understanding glances acknowledge the common pursuit of a memorable photograph, fostering a sense of unity among the diverse group of attendees.

In this dynamic setting, the act of waiting becomes part of the experience. It transforms the mere capture of an image into a shared endeavor, where the anticipation builds with each passing moment. And when the long-awaited turn finally arrives, the shutter clicks, freezing a moment that encapsulates not just the scenic beauty but also the shared enthusiasm of those who came together to celebrate Sarasin Bridge.



Amidst the lively atmosphere on Sarasin Bridge, a focal point steals the spotlight – a grand stage positioned in the middle of the bridge. Atop this platform, a singer takes center stage, their voice resonating through the air, weaving a tapestry of beautiful melodies. As the crowd gathers around the bridge, drawn by the allure of live music, the singer becomes a captivating focal point. The music, a harmonious blend of tunes, adds an enchanting layer to the already vibrant ambiance. The rhythmic cadence and emotive lyrics create a shared experience, uniting the diverse assembly of citizens and tourists in a moment of musical magic.


Behind the enchanting stage on Sarasin Bridge, a hidden gem awaits discovery – a staircase adorned with a beautiful rainbow-colored carpet. This vibrant pathway beckons tourists, offering not only a visual feast but also a perfect spot for capturing memorable photos.

As visitors ascend the staircase, each step is a journey through a spectrum of colors, creating a whimsical atmosphere against the backdrop of the musical stage. The rainbow hues reflect the celebratory spirit of the event, inviting passersby to pause and immerse themselves in this kaleidoscopic moment.


Upon reaching the summit, a pedestrian bridge unfolds, providing a unique vantage point to observe the flow of cars traversing the bridge. This elevated perspective adds a touch of dynamism to the overall experience, allowing onlookers to appreciate the bustling activity below.


To the side of the pedestrian bridge, facing towards Phang Nga, colorful windpipes dance in the wind, creating a playful symphony of movement. These vibrant decorations, swaying gracefully with the breeze, contribute to the lively atmosphere of Sarasin Bridge, adding an artistic touch to the structural expanse.

This area, with its rainbow staircase, elevated bridge views, and whimsical windpipes, becomes yet another hotspot for tourists seeking the perfect photo opportunity. Each element harmonizes to create a visual spectacle, and the shared joy of capturing these moments weaves a collective thread through the diverse crowd.



I didn't walk to the bridge on the Phang Nga side because the sun had begun to set. Instead, I retraced my steps and walked back the same way to rejoin my husband's older sister and niece who were waiting below.


As the day approached its tranquil finale, the sun began its unhurried descent near the treetops lining the western shores of the sea. This picturesque scene unfolded in a coastal haven. A gathering of onlookers, both locals and tourists alike, dotted the landscape, drawn by the allure of the impending sunset. As the sun's golden fingers gently caressed the tree tops, casting a warm radiance, a collective hush fell over the spectators.




Following the mesmerizing spectacle of the sunset, we decided to make our way home. It had been a day filled with exploration, from the morning light until the sun dipped below the horizon. The cumulative effect of our travels left us feeling weary, and the onset of fatigue prompted a growing sense of drowsiness. The journey from dawn to dusk had taken us to various places, each offering its own unique charm and experiences. As the twilight settled, the allure of returning to the comfort of home became increasingly appealing. The weariness of the day's adventures weighed on us, and the natural transition from tiredness to the gentle embrace of sleep began to set in.



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You had a wonderful time, I’m jealous 😂.
I didn’t think there was something like an Asian food truck 😂

The place is so cool, this are the type of events that motivate people to go out and spend time with the family, the place is so colorful and they arches did achieve looking like candy, in my country we see this events from time to time although not too often, there is a big lack of recreational events down here but well it seem that you had a great time ✌️