Magical nature and magical universe

in CCH2 years ago

It's about magical moments and natural wonders. Universum presents us with new and fascinating experiences every time. Late summer gives us magical color spectacles in the evening. Perfect for watching them take a walk.



I used to find it hard to motivate myself to go into nature. Today I find inspiration in nature ✨🌻
There is always something magical to discover in nature, it offers a unique variety. I love to be outside, to simply observe and consciously perceive this diversity ...
... how the wind blows over the grass 🌱
... how new herbs keep showing up over time.
... the wonderful splendor of colors 🌈
... like small butterflies fly from flower to flower 🦋
... When the sky glows red from sunset 🌄
There is still so much that I could list ❤️



Trees are turning into magical autumn colors 😍. How beautiful our nature is, THANK YOU that we can see and feel it 🙏 a free gift 💝


Well said! "There is always something magical to discover in nature, it offers a unique variety", I absolutely agree with you.

Nice walk in beautiful nature! The trees are wonderful in "magical autumn colors". It looks very good atmosphere. Great shot! 🙂

They always comment so beautifully, I love their comments ❤️


The lighting on these photos are impossible to get on film or paper! How did you do this?! Must be the lens and camera!

Maybe I was in the right place in the right time who knows. No objective just a cell phone S21 Ultra 5G nothing special. Thank you for your interest and nice comment. 😀

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