Hike In Lands End Trail | San Francisco, California

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Take a bliss day on a sunny Sunday with a perfect Autumn weather for city hike, especially for the spectacular view of Golden Gate Bridge over the water and the 200 feet rocky cliffs along the trail. It's the place you won't want to skip for a good glimpse.


Land's End Trust trail is by the corner of Northwest San Francisco, the trail runs from Golden Gate Park all the way to Sutro Bath (was in my previews posted ) with slightly almost 4 miles round trip hike. It has a spectacular trail with views of oceanscape, very shady, lot of stairs, lots of view points to stop by and headland to hike down for more workouts.


Mile Rock Beach.





Trust me, choosing a place in San Francisco is not that hard, you name it, you won't run out of places to hang out. From shopping, eatery to hike in the mountain with city scenery or hike in the city with view of mountains or waterscape outlook of California's bay. So if you in town, don't skip this place.

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The scenery is very interesting, and the climb must be very tiring, my friend @lugina, because you have to climb many and high stairs👍

thank you.

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Wow, love the first photo with the Golden Gate Bridge.

It was my dream to walk over the the Golden Gate Bridge, although just like any other bridge when you seeing it too many times.
Happy weekend, dear friend.

Hahaha.....I know what you mean. Thank you and have a great weekend as well :)