photo of a rooster

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good morning friends Hive all How are you are you all healthy I hope you are all healthy, I will post, photo of a rooster

Chickens are animals/pets kept by breeders in cages. After harvest, the breeders sell the chickens to the market to be slaughtered and the chickens are then cooked according to their individual wishes.

Chickens like this are sold at prices including high prices, like this rooster is sold for 150,000 thousand rupiah, Hive friends.

I photographed this rooster earlier near the chicken seller's coop at the market, all Hive friends, the chickens are kept by letting them out to look for food outside on their own, in the morning and at dusk they give them food so that the chicken grows up quickly.









That's my post this time, see you in my next post.



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