The last few flowers of the Bamboo Orchids

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Earlier, I was feeling down and bored so I went outside and wandered around the park nearby. It's a good thing the rain was over and I didn't have to water the plants anymore.

At the park, I saw plenty of Bamboo Orchids that are blooming during this season. The flower blooms during the months of November and May which happens to be the monsoon seasons as well. This kind of plant prefers the area where there is light but not to the point that there is too much direct sunlight on it. It can grow well under the trees that have less dense crowns.


I was lucky enough to be able to take this photo while the ant climbing along the bud of the flower. It looks like they are harvesting something from the flower but I'm not too sure if it's the water they are collecting or the nectar of the flower.







The Bamboo Orchid is a beautiful flower even though the plant itself looks different from the typical orchid that hangs on the branches of trees. The plant looks like a shrub which may be the reason why they call it "bamboo".

The flower is as beautiful as the other orchids even though it doesn't live long compared to the other types of orchids.

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I am always entertained by seeing orchids, thank you for sharing, friend.

I’m happy to share 😊 Thank you for the great support 🙏

You're welcome friends, I'm happy to be able to support everyone.

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