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Hello all friends..
On this occasion I will share several photos of yesterday's activities enjoying fun togetherness in the school backyard by releasing balloons as a commemoration of Teacher's Day.

The activity was carried out well and was considered successful because there were no obstacles whatsoever as long as the activity was carried out, it went well and was warmly welcomed by the children when they were in the school backyard and also the weather at that time was very favorable so the balloons were released as a complement to the Teacher's Day event. Yesterday it went smoothly.

From early morning until midday, the children were very enthusiastic about participating in each series of activities that had been prepared well in advance, starting from memorial ceremonies to entertainment events and closed with the release of balloons together.

The release of balloons into the air was carried out as a form of freedom and appreciation for the struggles of our previous teachers who had fought and tried to set aside their time to provide teaching and knowledge to everyone with the aim of educating the nation towards a better generation in the future.

See you soon
Grateful Thalibul
Thank you


I hope you are always happy with all the stories

Teachers are people who provide services to all of us