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I haven't had the opportunity to write for a long time. My life has suddenly entered into a chaos that I never expected and everything has developed so fast that I am just coming to myself. Everything is not completely settled, but I thought that writing here would be good for me, I thought that I would get away from stress for a little bit.About 2 weeks ago, my beloved Grandmother passed away! While I was experiencing the deep sadness of losing her, I received another bad news and I was devastated with this news!

Everyone who knows me here knows my love for dogs, my own dog Lady and our stray dog Asili who was abandoned in the park. Because I often share their photos with you here, but I would still like to give you a small summary to remind you of Asili. In this way, you can understand more easily what what I will tell you later!



Asil was taken as a therapy dog by his owners when he was still a baby. The people who bought him treat him as if they bought toys for their children. When their children's enthusiasm passes, they lock him in the dark basement of the house and leave him hungry and thirsty. Of course, they also use very severe physical violence! The neighbours who witnessed this took Asil and left him in the park in the neighbourhood and he lived here for about 3 years. We have been going to the park and taking care of Asil for about 2 years. All other residents of the neighbourhood also love and care for Asil.


But when I went to the park to get some air after my grandmother's death, I couldn't see Asili in the park. I asked an employee working there where Asili was and I couldn't believe what I heard. He said that he had complained about Asili and called the municipality teams and had him locked up in the shelter. And he was incredibly cold-blooded when he said this. At that moment I started to cry with shaking. We had a little quarrel.

The next day I immediately called the municipality and asked them to bring the dog back immediately. I found out where he was and went to the shelter immediately. I learnt that he had been in the shelter for about 10 days. When I went to the shelter, the sight I saw shocked me! Asil was there and he was miserable with blood in his eyes. When he saw us, he recognised us and started crying. I fainted when I saw him in that state. They did not allow me to take photos in the shelter in any way. I was told that his day in the shelter was over and he would be released to the forest the next day.

Leaving him in the forest meant that he would die! A dog like an innocent baby could never survive in the forest. Although I have a husky dog at home, I had no choice but to adopt him! Besides, I live in an apartment. I couldn't leave him there and I adopted him! I got him out of there right away.



Then we brought him home, but that's when the real difficulty started. At home, our dog did not accept Asili. They fought all the time. A few days later we took them for a walk in the park and Asil suddenly ran away! Although we searched for 3 hours, we couldn't find him. We left a phone number everywhere, fortunately, at around 3:30 at night, someone threw a photo and said they saw Asili. We immediately went and picked him up and brought him home again.


And 3 days ago, Asil ran away from home again. Just as he was running down the stairs, I ran after him to catch him and at that moment I rolled down the stairs and fractured my ankle! I couldn't step on it in any way and my ankle swelled up. I've been in bed for 3 days.


I am very tired and stressed trying to do everything I can for Asil. Writing here has relieved me a little bit. I hope everything will be fine as soon as possible. I feel tired.



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