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Not sure if my followers are real, just in case they’re, I’ll be answering questions in this thread.


How did you first get into crypto?

From an excited friend many years ago. He tried to get me into it for months until I hooked up with the BTC.

You are such a dev.. that is the shortest story I’ve ever heard 😂 but I’ll take it!

hahaha, sorry about it!

Ciara carried me.

Not sure if my followers are real, just in case they’re, I’ll be answering questions in this thread.

This is a question all people should ask themselves these days 😃

Now for my question. What do you think is the most promising thing Hive presents to people? Almost, like what is your elevator pitch to someone who is interested in joining Hive but not sure if they should. Thanks, for doing this AMA!

You are definitely not real :P

I'm a bot 😀

I am really bad at selling things; so “elevator pitch” sounds scary; however I would focus on the “communities”.

I can do an AMA in a public blockchain with almost zero costs and there is a community for that. This is truly amazing.

Hive presents great flexibility and options for communities at the moment.

After I wrote that question I said to myself I'd hate to be in this guy's position to answer it 🤣. So thank you for being honest about how scary it is. I agree clearly "communities" is the future of many things. Dapps & communities.

The fact you can spin up a community at zero-costs is a true value add that hasn't been fully realized. Great answer! THANKS!

Did your life change much due to Corona or is it about the same?

What’s you best childhood memory?

What are you most scared of

I got bit up really bad one time, I still love them but it can be scary! Thanks for your answer

It goes back to a childhood trauma that I couldnt get rid of so far :)

What do you think is more interesting in the medium term price wise:
BTC halving or launch of Ethereum 2.0 on the main chain?

I’d go with price halving.

I'm not happy with your answer but it's your AMA. So I will have to accept it :D

Whats your take on this?

Halving is very baked in because there was a lot of talk about it for the last 6 months at least.
Most of crypto are not aware of the impact PoS can have on Ethereum with regards to efficiency and scalability.

You sound like an expert so I change my vote.

I'm random account on the internet. You should be suspicious :P

But your red background robot avatar with a blue robe username gives confidence and trust. I can't help it.

Interesting AMA posts lately lol was confused when I first saw one.

You need to ask a question though 🤣

Hmm.. If I must.. Chocolate or Vanilla pudding?

Oh, thats an easy one. Chocolate!

Annnnnddd..........the question? 😁

What came first, the chicken or the egg? And which of those two would you eat first?

No idea about the first question 😂 I’d first eat the egg. Not a fan of chicken.

Lemme get this one for you: the egg ;)

Benn aslında yohum

Soru sorman lazim, konsept bu. :)

Ben aslinda var miyim?

Cool idea 🙂 How much do you think hive price will dump?

Hard to say.

I am a bad trader, I dont want to share my feelings here and cause people to lose money. 😇

Fair enough 🙂

Besides Hive, do you hold any other coins?

My bag is full of HIVE. I have some STEEM left to be dumped. Other then that not following/holding any other crypto.

Thanks for the reply😊

Would you have done anything differently if you knew what would happen with Steem?

Well, I'd focus on other things. Maybe learn a new language, get a new hobby kind of thing considering I would get lots of free time.

Where do you see hive in five years? (Honest opinion)

What's your major challenge as a developer?

In five years, I want to see HIVE adapted into mainstream and thousands of applications use HIVE as a decentralized ledger, while I was producing blocks on top 20.

Too much of a dream, ha? :)

But to be honest, I have no idea. I have hope and good intentions. Let's see what happens.

How long did it take you to work out that I am not real and in-fact a Russian bot?

not much, recently I've found out that %99 of my followers are not human beings

What's your favorite application which you wrote as a developer?

https://github.com/emre/storm - is used widely. Even though I cannot find time to maintain it, it still works as expected after all these years.

Wow awesome :)

Do you like cats or dogs?

I am a cat person. 😻

Will you update your site to have hive information?

sure, that's a good reminder. thanks.

What would you do if BTC actually reaches $1Million by 2026 like the S2F model (and Millenials reaching their prime income and investing years) suggests?

Have you in any way loose any crypto to theft or hacking? What's your best way to keep crypto safe?

No, I didn't lose anything so far. Best way to keep the crypto safe? You should develop a "paranoid personality" 😂

Thanks for your response.

from 1 to 10 (1 being you love it, 10 being you would be so happy if it didn't exist and hate it), how much do you hate PHP?

Do you think utopian-io should be started back?

It was a good experiment for sure. But what makes us preventing to curate HiveDevs community at the moment? The only missing piece is a 2M delegation I guess.

@freedom, hoi! :)

Emacs or Vi?
Tabs or spaces? :D

vim and spaces. :)

good choice! :)

What do you think about Nigeria and Nigerians? Your overall perception?