The Daily Good Read List (2022-12-19)

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1Sowing the Seeds to a Permaculture Dream
by @oniemaniego # community, ecotrain, gardening, permaculture, sustainability
2Guiding Light / Chosen One Deck
by @kstreet # godsunchained, imx, nft, p2e
3Let's Discuss About Chicken Pox
by @royalevidence # health, life, science, stemsocial, technology
4A fun-filled day for my little girlESP/ENG
by @carmary # children, hive-178265, life, neoxian, spanish
5Saturday night: A visit to different christmas villages
by @jenthoughts # family, friends, hive-168869, kids, weekendexperiences
6Habemus Cherry Tomatoes Eng/Esp
by @rlathulerie # cherrytomatoes, gardening, hive-140635, hivegarden, nature
7share experiences in the field of car painting
by @azharimnurbbi # appreciator, hive-102066, hivemotors, neoxian, ocd
by @tanzil2024 # leofinance, neoxian, pgm, splinterlands, thgaming
9What if you are banned from Mastodon?
by @forexbrokr # ctp, hive, hive-engine, hivehustlers, web3
10Persist: Where most who want to succeed in HIVE fail
by @piensocrates # hive, opportunity, persistence, success, wealth
11Matara Old Fort is another historical place of Dutch arch...
by @madushanka # architecture, culture, lifestyle, travel, travelphotography
12Raydium Hacked For $5 Million
by @chekohler # archon, ctp, neoxian, palnet, yiyl
13the Day of Happiness is coming
by @mack99 # creativecoin, hive-153850, hl-exclusive, hl-w41e1, neoxian
14Splinterlands Battle | All Magic Attack In Sliver Le...
by @e-mc2 # leofinance, oneup, play2earn, splinterlands, spt
15What's Different This Bear Market?...
by @acesontop # bitcoin, crypto, hodl, pob, vyb
16How Can You Lose Money In Crypto Exchanges?
by @rezoanulvibes # crypto, ctp, money, neoxian, proofofbrain
by @vickoly # build-it, creativecoin, diyhub, neoxian, proofofbrain
18Sunday Musings: Memories and Frustrations of a Modern Day...
by @denmarkguy # mentalhealthawareness, neurodiversity, peace, psychology, wellness
19Argentina Wins the World Cup Final - What a GAME! | ...
by @korver # fifa, football, hive-101690, sports, worldcup2022
20Ask Leo :What Will Be The Implosion Of FTX In The Near Fu...
by @akinolawilly # cent, creativecoin, hive-engine, neoxian, posh
21Christmas; the magical season.
by @george-dee # christmas, hive-153850, hl-exlusive, hl-w41e1, neoxian
22Arrival (Origin Story)
by @killerwot # cartel, hive-199275, pgm, scholarandscribe, worldbuilding
23The fall of the wrestling god.
by @davchi2 # hive, hive-132410, neoxian, story
24XDEFI MEME competition WIN USDC!
by @melbourneswest # competition, contest, leoalpha, meme, xdefi
25The Importance Of Crypto Wallets...
by @asgharali # blockchain, crypto, hive-engine, importance, wallet
26G.O.A.T or no G.O.A.T Qatar gave us the best ever world c...
by @obrisgold1 # argentina, cent, football, neoxian, worldcup2022
27A promise kept - The Ink Well Prompt #96
by @pjpavan # dreemport, hive-170798, inkwellprompt, theinkwell, writing
28"Das Boot" - An Oil Pastel Painting
by @wulff-media # art, deutsch, painting
291460% Profit realized on my First Splinterlands Tournamen...
by @uyobong # cent, ctp, play2earn, splinterlands, sps
30This will blow your mind.
by @papilloncharity # adventure, amazing, photography, runnerducks, surprises
31Last day of the physiotherapy course
by @antonella085 # cervantes, curie, life, spanish, vidapersonal
32What Hive Price you expect this crypto Winter?
by @reeta0119 # ctp, hive, india, neoxian, piotr
33SleepWalker Retro Game The Puzzler ENG - ESP
by @mairelis # abandonware, gaming, hive, hivegaming, retro
34The Lovers - next in line for the Tarot Major Arcana
by @holoz0r # art, creative, neoxian, paintingwithai, palnet
35Christmas basket: A gift for employees in Spain (ESP-ENG)
by @castri-ja # aliveandthriving, christmas, gems, hive-195880, ocd
36The DOT COM Bubble & Burst
by @zestimony # neoxian, pob, stem, technology, web
37Protecting the Forest for the Future. Let's join hands to...
by @aceh.potrait # appreciator, forest, hive-145540, neoxian, ocd
38My last adventure in Unturned ENG-ESP
by @nitsuga12 # english, hivegaming, hivegc, spanish, videogame
39First Time I Felt That Physical Peace - Creative Nonfict...
by @sapphireissafy # creativenonfiction, hive-170798, inkwellprompt
by @hive-world # bdcommunity, hive-177682, leofinance, splinterlands, spt
41The crypto market right now is for builders, not scaredy ...
by @onwugbenuvictor # bitcoin, cent, cryptocurrency, ctp, neoxian
42Celebrating two-in-one Birthdays
by @yoieuqudniram # birthday, hive-141359, palnet, philippines, pob
43Cooking Filipino Style Chicken Curry for The Second Time
by @straykat # aseanhive, diy, food, foodie, philippines
44This year seemed just a Blur / Stop! life is going to fast.
by @artywink # diy, neoxian, passiveincome, retirement, silverbloggers
45Purple Steamed Sweet Potato Cake For Your Christmas Eve C...
by @nurfay # competition, contest, foodies, plantbased, qurator
46Twitter censorship - part 6 - the FBI
by @rocket47 # deepdives, informationwar, twitter, twitterfiles, vyb
47The dawn of the age of AI
by @depressedfuckup # ai, chatgpt, hive-153850, leofinance, technology
48What makes me believe in LeoFinance!
by @alokkumar121 # archon, crypto, ctp, neoxian, piotr
by @borjan # hive-145540, nature, photography, science, travel
50Sewing Sunday for a Needlework Monday
by # fashion, handmade, hive-127911, needleworkmonday, sewing

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